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Kerry Werner’s Kona Super Jake Cyclocross Race Bike | CX Pro Bike

– All right, so I’m here with the 2019 Pan-American champion, Kerry Werner. Kerry, you have your Kona Super Jake. Tell us about this bike and what makes it special. – Yeah so, uh, really it’s just like the full package. Everything on this bike kind of like goes together and makes me feel super […]

Stigcykling/mountainbike, vad är det? | Reportage #7

Hi! You are not allowed to ride a bike here. Yes, you are. Come here and I will tell you more. Hello everyone, We are in a forest in Nacka and we will talk to Olle from Stockholms Stigcyklister about Stigcykling (mountain biking). Thank you for coming out in the woods to talk about your […]

Team Charles-Barclay Vs GTN | Zwift Head To Head Challenge

– Inside this fairly unassuming-looking building, we have a pretty big surprise for Lucy and Reece Charles-Barkley. (dramatic music) – Come on Luce, come on. – Keep going guys. – Given there wasn’t really any love lost after our last Tabayesco challenge on Lanzarote, we’ve managed to tempt Lucy and Reece into another head-to-head, but […]

Brownlee Commits To Kona & Tokyo Olympics! | The GTN Show Ep. 127

– Welcome to The GTN Show. Now, this week we have got news on arguably the best-known triathlete of all-time, finally announcing their racing intentions for the coming season. And we also spotted another very recognizable cyclist being, well, interviewed by a tri-industry icon. – Plus, we’re going to be sharing with you some exciting […]

The Top 5 Fastest Ironman Races Revealed | The GTN Show Ep. 121

– Welcome back to the GTN show and this is a big week in the world of GTN because we have not one, but two versus videos coming for you. – We do indeed. We’ve got a versus between swimming and running where we’ll see which one burns the most calories. We also have a […]

Polisport boodie raleigh avenir plus child kids seat kona ute cargo bike

The Polisport “Boodie” is practically the same as the Raleigh “Avenir” The 8mm rod follows the line of the original rod and is firmly clamped down – I bought mine from SCREWFIX (or Tool Station) The 8mm rod might be superfluous if all you do is crop the existing hoop down The tie-down loops over […]

The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

– Day two at Eurobike and today’s all about the bikes. We got everything from 120mm travel up to 160, and up to those big Talon bikes at 200mm travel. But it’s not just about the travel, it’s about the motors. We’ve got everything from the German brands, across the Far East, we got Japanese […]