Indoor Cycling Smart Trainers: ERG Mode Explained

So smart trainers in ERG mode, what’s it all about. Well today let’s dive into it and have a look. First of all the definition of the word ERG is shortened from ergo, and the direct translation from Greek is the word work. So you can consider this work mode. Indoor rowing machines have been […]

Is My Bike Compatible with the KICKR Indoor Bike Trainer?

[Music] hey it’s Kristen wahoo again I’ve got a quick compatibility guide for your new wahoo kicker this video is gonna reference the latest model kicker released mid 2017 that has the best through actual support but also has kicker climb compatibility the kicker is going to work on most styles of bikes however we […]

Train With Team Sky | GCN’s Aerobic Cadence Workout

– Welcome to the Wahoo KICKR Team Sky /GCN aerobic session. 30 minutes long. But first off before I explain the session, I’ve got a real roster of talent around me, as you can see. On my right from Spain, David Lopez. Give us a wave, Dave. Thank you very much. Philip Deignan, just to […]

The ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

when we created the world’s most powerful indoor trainer the industry called it disruptive we just called it long overdue you see no one had taken advantage of the awesome power of the smartphone to make indoor trainers better so we did and now we’re doing the same thing with the GPS bike computer meet […]