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Weird But Essential Tips For Globetrotting Cyclists

(upbeat music) – Whether you’re off to find some winter sun, or taking yourself away for a multi-month, epic adventure around the entire globe, there are some notable tips. Pieces of advice, laws, that your going to need to remember. Now some are stranger than others. But equally as important. (wind rushing) If you’re on […]

Join the 2nd annual Hachimantai Hill Climb Race!

4… 3… 2… 1… Start! This is the 2018 Hachimantai Hill Climb Race! I thought the Aspite Line, it’s a great course and it’s a good road. It’s safe. It’s not too steep so everyone can ride it. It’s got a bit of down and a bit of flat as well. Well when you get […]

Street-racer bikes and drift van! Baridori at Mobara Twin Circuit

NORiYARō We’re out here today at Mubara Twin-Circuit and as you can hear from over that wall there There’s drifting going on, but this isn’t only a drift event. There’s also bikes here too. drifting **Smexy Sliding Action** **Memes about Running in The 90s** This event is called “BARIDORI” and the word “BARIBARI” is kind […]

Wife Started Commuting by Bike To Work Too! [Cycling in Japan]

have a good ride! welcome to another video today is a bicycle commuting video today we will introduce my wife’s new bike commute route I have the day off of work today, so I can film her ride Thuong (my wife) recently started a new job it’s a few kilometers away from home and she […]

Cycling 2,000KM Across Japan | Day One

This hill might not look like much – in fact you can barely see it on the GoPro but it’s enough to take me out given that I’ve… given that I’ve done 40 kilometres – this hill is gonna be my undoing. Good morning guys, and welcome to Journey Across Japan, cycle to the death, […]