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Wife Started Commuting by Bike To Work Too! [Cycling in Japan]

have a good ride! welcome to another video today is a bicycle commuting video today we will introduce my wife’s new bike commute route I have the day off of work today, so I can film her ride Thuong (my wife) recently started a new job it’s a few kilometers away from home and she […]

Cycling 2,000KM Across Japan | Day One

This hill might not look like much – in fact you can barely see it on the GoPro but it’s enough to take me out given that I’ve… given that I’ve done 40 kilometres – this hill is gonna be my undoing. Good morning guys, and welcome to Journey Across Japan, cycle to the death, […]

Suburban Japan: Bicycle Wars

I’m living in Fujisawa a bedroom community an hour out of Tokyo. It’s a very desirable neighborhood where dogs are small and pets are leashed. No exceptions. It gives me a chance to see what daily life is like and to find out all thelatest local fads like break dancing. But deep down I think […]