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Simon Richardson’s Orbea Orca M-LTD

(upbeat music) – This is my Orbea Orca M-LTD. And it might not be a familiar sight to you as yet because I only managed to get my dirty little hands on it at the beginning of December. But in that time, I’ve racked up a number of hours in the saddle. And it must […]

11 Pro Cycling Team Kits You Should Know For 2017

– [Narrator] The New Year is a wonderful time for cycling fans. January the 1st is the time that the pro teams and riders can start showing off their bling new kit. While some teams shy away from making too many changes, we’ve also got plenty of brand new teams to cast our sartorial eye […]

Alberto Contador’s Trek Speed Concept Time Trial Bike

– We are at one of the Trek–Segafredo team very first get-togethers for the 2017 season. This is the time trial bike that Alberto Contador is currently riding as he experiments with his position in his quest to get the perfect TT set-up. (slow techno music) There have been a couple of changes to the […]

Four Cycling Training Workouts To Build Power On Short Climbs

– Coming up, are four training sessions to help you power up short climbs. It’s pretty intense, so make sure you get warmed up first. (techno music) – The first session works on the basis that the more speed you carry into and up the first part of a steep climb, the faster you’re gonna […]

Martyn Ashton’s Operation Motivation! | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 98

– Welcome to the Dirt Shed Show where this week we’re gonna be talking motivation, and we’ve got the boys beaming in from Malaga, Spain, to help with all the regular antics. Give us a wave, boys. – Hello! – Hey, Martyn! – That’s enough from them; they’ll be here in a moment. Let’s get […]

How To Clean A Dirty Road Bike In A Hurry – GCN’s Rapid Bike Wash

We often say—and I mean we really often say here at GCN— that you should keep your bike clean. And you should. But there are times when perhaps after a really long, wet ride or maybe, after just weeks and weeks of riding and not looking after it that your bike may end up looking […]

How To Not Maintain Your Bike – Road Bike Maintenance

– We spend a lot of time here on GCN advising you about what you should do to maintain your bike. But very rarely do we say what you shouldn’t do. We’ve probably all been there, applying more and more pressure to a fragile, yet seemingly immovable bolt, only to find that instead of loosening […]

Scotty Laughland’s Canyon Strive CF 9.0 Race | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Welcome to my pro-bike check. Now if you watch any GMBN videos you will probably have seen me shredding on this machine ’cause it’s one sick bike, and before I talk too much I’m going to get straight into the spec and show you guys around. (electronic music) To kick things off I’m gonna […]

5 Hacks For Perfect Shifting On Your Road Bike

– Coming up, we’ve got five hacks to make setting up your gears easier, and also cure your shifting headaches. First up, correctly setting the limit screws on your derailleurs is a really important job. Potentially saving you from some very expensive mechanical disasters, particularly here on the rear derailleur, and our pro hack is […]