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RECORD Setting 162kph Autonomous Run at Goodwood FOS | Roborace

So we’re about to see DevBot 2.0 – in fact we are seeing DevBot 2.0 out on the circuit. I’m joined by Victoria Tomlinson. Victoria tell us. So Jack, this is DevBot 2.0. So those of you who attended last year will have seen Robocar, our fully autonomous race car take to the hill for […]


Ok We’ll buy food for this evening A good sausage for the morning! In the car, we have got food (Rock music) I think that will be bullshit (Rock music) (Laugh) (Rock music) (Laugh) (Discussion) (Laugh) Mmhhh! A good sandwich ! Effectively we can change, put the piece of wood under the fire Yeah, do […]

ZABARDAST – (2018) – full movie

Léo to the rest of the group : I’m climbing, Tom, I have a lot of respect for you my friend. I still don’t know if I made the right decision. I’m really not sure With each step I wonder if… If it’s gonna be ok… I’m shitting my pants like never before. I don’t […]

Bicycle Touring Provence Day 7 – Aqueducts and Mountains

Hi there! Bike Touring Mike here. This is the 6th day of my bike tour here in Provence Today is a sunday You all probably know what that means That means I have to find a supermarket pretty quick Most supermarkets… Or those ones who are open close at 12 And it’s 10:30 now Keeping […]

Bike Talk – Tom Dumoulin’s Bianchi Oltre XR4 | SHIMANO

This is my brand new Bianchi Oltre XR4. I’m switching bikes of course… …but luckily I keep riding on Shimano… …so I’m really happy with that. For two days I was in Dublin to visit my brother in law. Then I shifted gears… …and the sound that it makes, it makes him so happy to […]

A Day at the Rob Roy Hillclimb

VICTOR SPITERI: What I like about the Rob Roy Hillclimb, it always seems to be a very semi-formal event. And it’s also very friendly. A lot of friendly people get here. NIGEL GRAY: Rob Roy’s sacred because it was about the first hillclimb they got going after the war. PAUL SCHILLING: The oldest upriding hillclimb […]

Road To Legend – Guy & Metzeler conquer the Peak

There’s not many more bike races in the world where there is no rules. So… alright, I’d like to come and do Pikes Peak but I wouldn’t really be that interested in doing Pikes Peak on… My normal motorbike. You know, the bike I race the TT on, it’s just not really… it just gets […]

TAILLEFER A VTT – ALPS MTB #1 – freeride, DH – Grenoble, Isère

fuck! we have to climb that? you don’t know that this morning, Fanny hurts her back tying her sholaces and now she’s carrying a 15 kg bike and a 10 kg bag I don’t know… it’s female logic I don’t want to remove the bike hands down yes I see that you’re biking without hand […]

Breakaway Spin

[ Music ]>>[Background Music] Hi, my name is Laura, and Breakaway Class is an indoor cycling class. It’s 45 minutes. We have a different song. Every track is a different kind of work out so there’s a seated climb, standing climb, seated or standing sprints, hovers; it’s a really good workout. [ Music ] I […]