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WhereNext Live — A Visual Storytelling Agency Interview with Lael Wilcox

My name is Lael Wilcox and I’m an ultra endurance cyclist for racing and adventure. The racing I do is typically at least a thousand kilometers and it’s all self-supported. So my longest race was across the US. I think that was 7,000 kilometers and I finished in 18 days. Hola Colombia soy Lael Wilcox […]

Cycling 4 Soup – The Trailer

I’ve never cycled in such conditions it feels like someone is pushing me. My brain is telling me you’re tired, stop The struggle is fucking real. So good man, I love riding my bike Its just unreal Anyone who does these kinds of things will admit stupidity comes in at some point Vive La Soup!

Clog #17 – Haven’t crashed yet…

Slower and gentler Oohh *Beeps horn* Yeah, he went through a yellow too Let’s get going Gonna get highs of 25 Which is definitely summer weather Got overtaken by a rectangle there I think I’m in a peloton I’m the only one not in Lycra They’re going left so I’m going to follow them Right, […]

Yamaha MT-10 a MT 4 cilindros da Yamaha #MT10 #MT-10 #YAMAHA

Yamaha’s MT (Master of Tork) line has the main characteristic of offering light, small, powerful and always nacked´s motorcycles, destined for the purest fun. Its best environment is a good asphalt full of curves. The MT-10 comes from the super sporty YZF R1, as all legitimate naked should be. In fact, many people confuse nacked […]

Alpe d’Huez Dutch Corner – The Biggest Party In Cycling? | Tour de France 2018

– This iconic climb has been the birthplace of many legendary battles. The 13.8 kilometer, 21 switchbacks, and the ear-popping atmosphere makes this one of cycling’s greatest climbs. (soft music) – [Man] It’s already one of the bigger parties I’ve ever been to. – [Woman] This is crazy, it’s cycling legend. It’s nuts. – [Man] […]

Top 10 Cycling Fashion Disasters

– [Man 1] GCN’s top 10 cycling fashion disasters. In at number 10, Ryder Hesjedal’s sunglasses. Now the 2013 Tour de France wasn’t perhaps the most exciting from a racing perspective, which could be why the gaze of many spectators averted to what Ryder Hesjedal was spotting around his face. Now the sunglasses in question […]

✅ Modern Technologies That You Wanted To SEE

a wake electric surfboard design with speed in mind the awake avec electric surfboard is capable of leading other boards in its wake that’s mostly due to its patent-pending awake direct drive power train that avoids the power losses of traditional jet based crafts its carbon-fiber body is very hydrodynamic provides control and stability and […]

GRAVEL BIKE dans le givre et/ou la boue autour de Saignelégier

What we’ll we do? What? Well, ok, I’ll answer Today we’re in the Bois It’s cold Above the clouds We’ll make the path around Saignelégier, you find it on Suisse Mobile We want to see if in the shadows It’s frozen and/or risky It will be We’ll find out It will be We will see […]