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Downhill | Mountain Bike Trail | MTB

“In today’s adventure we will go to a mountain biking trail” “Join us” – It’s cool right? – Yeah, it’s cool *Nerver, ever ride like this guy in blue pants* 🎶 Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle 🎶 *Your feet must be parallel* – Here it is – Up or Down? – Goes down – Look, teacher… – […]

Uber for Bikes Could Save Your Commute

– It’s a cool bike, right? Let’s steal it. (upbeat music) So even though this isn’t my bike, I can legally and easily take it or any of the other 249 just like it roaming around San Francisco. It’s part of a system called Uber Bike, and it’s Uber for bikes. Bike-sharing used to be […]

Specialized Performance Road Bikes

SAM PICKMAN: The Tarmac, Venge, Roubaix. Three bikes designed for performance and sharing the same race winning DNA. All are fully capable in a wide variety of conditions, but each one is designed to excel in different ways. Each of these instruments has a sweet spot– terrain or condition where they distance themselves from the […]

Wiggle’s sense of snow

I’m getting excited, to be fair ’cause I fear a lot the warm, not so much the cold and I know there are many girls that are scared from rain and scared from cold, and normally in this kind of weather conditions the tough ones are coming out and I think it’s going to be […]

Rising – Ep 5: The Mental Game w/ Kate Courtney

(wind blowing) (rock music) – [Kate] Mental strength is a key factor at this level of racing, but it’s also really hard to maintain. And I think, for me, it’s important at this level in my career to really acknowledge that and to be open to the process and understand that the pressure and expectations […]

Will this E-bike get me up Mt Vic?

Hey, it’s Catarina from Bicycle Junction, it’s a cold, winter, windy day here in Wellington but I’m out taking the Linus Dutchi with a Lekkie Mid Drive conversion out to tackle some hills today. We get a lot of questions about whether an e-bike will get up some of Wellington’s most difficult hills, so we’re […]

Enduro Mountain Bike Racer Curtis Keene on Recovery + Topical Edge

– I was always a kid that rode his bike, building ramps in the front yard and breaking 20-inch bikes all the time. It kind of got bigger and at 20-years old I went full tilt into mountain bike racing. I entered a race and ended up winning it. I just went full tilt from […]

Getting To Know Danny MacAskill At Red Bull Hardline

– Welcome to Red Bull Hardline. We’re here with trials legend, Danny MacAskill. You ready to check out the course? – Most definitely. Let’s do it. (cheering) Hot crumpets! (laughs) So we’re kind of, we’ve just taken up halfway up the track to the step up. Which is, I mean it’s in my books, a […]

Todd Writes “Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?”

♪ [music] ♪ Todd, from Marshall, writes, “Dear The New Wheel, can I ride in the rain?” Todd, it depends a little bit on your e-bike. But any bike that you get from The New Wheel, the answer is yes. These bikes are primarily designed to work really well in Northern Europe. And let me […]