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The Incredible Bikes & Cycling Tech Of The First World War

– I’m at the Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen, or Tour of Flanders Center, here in Oudenaarde, Belgium. This is a really cool place. There’s loads to see and do here and it’s absolute must-visit for, well, any cycling fan who’s coming through the area. But I’m here to see an exhibition on the very first […]

Giro d’Italia 2020 – 5 Things You Need To Know About The Giro

– Just like the Tour de France route announcement last week the Giro d’Italia launch is hotly anticipated. Those with Grand Tour ambitions will look closely at the route, pick apart the decisive stages and will then select their training schedule depending on which Grand Tour suits them best. With the Tour de France now […]

Bikes Of Champions: Wilier’s Private Collection Of Pro Bikes

– Whilst visiting Wilier, I overheard a conversation. They’ve got a few special edition bikes kicking around, so I thought I’d go in and try and find them, but before I do that, make sure that you subscribe to the GCN Tech channel, and also click the little notification bell, so you get alerted each […]

New Wilier Zero SLR | Lightweight Aero Bike First Look

– We have got a very exciting first look for you here today. This is the brand new Wilier Zero SLR. (upbeat electronic music) Now, Wilier is one of the most historic and recognizable bike brands in the world. This is its first super lightweight bike with disc brakes and fully concealed cables. In case […]

4 Iconic Italian Bicycle Brands

– Italy is well known for its cycling passion, its immensely rich heritage making arguably the spiritual home of the sport that we all love. Now along with some of the most stunning roads, amazing cuisine, and greatest cycling legends, Italy has produced some of the finest bicycles that have ever been ridden. And here’s […]