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The Top 5 Fastest Ironman Races Revealed | The GTN Show Ep. 121

– Welcome back to the GTN show and this is a big week in the world of GTN because we have not one, but two versus videos coming for you. – We do indeed. We’ve got a versus between swimming and running where we’ll see which one burns the most calories. We also have a […]

How To Change Pedals | Remove And Install Your Bike Pedals

– Replacing, swapping to another bike or even travelling with your bike are the main reasons that you need to remove your pedals. But, how do you take them off and replace them? Well, depending on they type of pedals that you have, you’ll either need a specific pedal wrench or spanner as we like […]

Aero Vs. Road Helmet | Which Is The Best Bike Helmet For Triathlon?

– An aero helmet is obviously designed for aero gains, but how much of an advantage do you actually get from using an aero helmet over using a road helmet? Well, in a wind tunnel this is gonna win hands down. But in reality there are so many factors to consider when you’re choosing what […]

The Essential Triathlon Christmas List | Triathlete Xmas Wish List 2019

– Ah, merry Christmas, Fraser. – And happy Christmas to you too, Mark. – Now, we thought we could celebrate Christmas a little early here at GTN. So, here is a little stocking for you, Fraser. – Well, luckily I was on the same page, there’s your present too. So, now we’re ready to get […]

5 Bike Maintenance Mistakes Every Triathlete And Cyclist Should Avoid

– Okay, we’ve all been there. We try to make a quick fix on our bike, only to make it worse and end up costing us more money. Now that’s painful, but that’s not the type of painful I’m talking about today. I’m talking about the kind of mistake that leaves you jumping around in […]

Sebastian Kienle’s Scott Plasma 5 Pro Triathlon Bike

– I’m in Germany ahead of Challenge Roth, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit excited about this pro bike, because this is a bike that I’ve been dying to take a closer look at for some time now. This is the Scott Plasma of Sebastian Kienle. (industrial music) […]

Ben Kanute’s Trek Madone Pro Bike and Kit

(upbeat music) (electronics) – We’re here with Ben Kanute’s Trek Madone and his pro tri kit, just after he’s raced the ITU World Champs Grand Final here in Rotterdam, and only one week after he became silver medalist at the World Champs 70.3 in Chattanooga. It’s a size 56 Trek Madone frame with very bright […]

What Is A Triathlon Bike?

(upbeat pop music) – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love looking at a triathlon bike, or at least dreaming about one? ‘Cause, well they look pretty cool, don’t they? Now these bikes come with a whole host of beneficial features, compared to a regular road bike. And today, I’m gonna walk through the benefits of […]