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SHIMANO Dropper REMOTE??? – Shimano vs Woolf Tooth ReMote

Dropper post remotes… who doesn’t have one today? I know I’ve used the Wolf Tooth ReMote, I’ve used the 9point8 Digit, the KS Southpaw, the Bontrager Line and a couple of others, but with the introduction of the Shimano 12 speed XTR, they introduced this: the SL-MT800 dropper post remote. So why don’t we take […]

5 Road Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

– It’s maintenance Monday, and here are five maintenance mistakes that you should avoid. (deep percussive air whooshing) You see, riding a bike is great fun and it brings loads of satisfaction, loads of enjoyment, and a whole heap more superlatives. But, along with cycling comes maintenance, and many of us have definitely made a […]

Racer X Tested 2006 Honda CRF 250R Project Rebuild Race Bike

Hey, Jay Clark here with Rocky Mountain. Today, we’re going to give you an inside look to a Racer X Project bike we just got done finishing up. Really cool bike, restoring an old 2006 CRF250. We’re going to go around this bike and tell you about some things we did, some things that might […]

IC200 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike – Unboxing and Assembly

When you begin assembly start by removing the banding and tape from both boxes. Also, make sure to check all of your polystyrene before you throw anything away. Lay out all of your parts and check them against the manual to make sure you are not missing any items. First, attach the front stabiliser to […]

How to install racks and fenders to the Avant M10D

Hola, soy Frank Webber de Orbea y estoy aquí con una Avant M10D. Voy a enseñaros a colocar alforjas y guardabarros en cualquier modelo de bicicleta Avant. Para hacerlo solamente utilizaremos unas cuantas herramientas. Necesitaremos tres llaves Allen: una de 2,5 milímetros, otra de 4 milímetros y otra de 6 milímetros, así como un destornillador […]

SC500-AF Aluminum Folding Mobility Carrier – Installation

Today we’re showing you how to properly install the SC-500 Aluminum Folding Mobility Carrier from Rage Powersports. With another person to help, install the Carrier and align the 5/8” hole on the Main Hitch Tube with the vehicles hitch pin hole. Install Hitch Pin and Clip. The SC-500 includes an Anti-Tilt and/or Pinch Bolt device […]


Unboxing You can find the keys, here Take out the non-mounted parts. Installation of the front fender Installation of the front wheel and front brake Fixing the handle-bar in straight position Installation of the front shield Installation of the rearview mirrors Set up the brakes Installation of the seat Installation of the upper and lower […]

Henry’s Tubeless Tyre Hacks | Mountain Bike Set Up Tips

– This week, we are going to be focusing on our tubeless tires. Hopefully we’ll have something in here for everyone and we’re going to go through a basic step-by-step install and sneak in a few clever little hacks along the way. This is tubeless tire setup. (calm music) Tubeless tires have been around for […]