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Is Mountain Biking All About Speed? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 102

– We’re talking mountain bikes in a week where some dude hit 167 kilometres and hour on a hill in Chile, Neil! – No, it wasn’t me, but we’ll be talking about that speed record, plus all the usual fun! – You know what time it is! – Welcome to the Dirt Shed Show. (loud […]

Should You Buy A Second Hand E-BIke? | EMBN Show Ep. 63

– Welcome to this weeks EMBN show, I’m joined by Blake Sampson from GMBN. We’ve got a lots going on this week’s show, we’re talking about racing, we’re talking about secondhand bikes, what else are we talking about? – Oh, we got all the usual, got climbing the week, we got the bike vault which […]

5 Mountain Bikers To Follow In 2018

– What can I do for you today? Well I tell you what I’ve been busy. I’ve sifted through the whole world of mountain bike riders, and I’ve come up with a top five you must follow in 2018. And it might be because they’re going to get great results. It might be because they’re […]

10 Essential Phone Apps For Mountain Biking

– Neil, now I don’t know about you, but I rarely go anywhere without my mobile phone. – Exactly – Especially on a bike ride. Because I want to record my ride, I want to check my stats. And, obviously, I want to get some good instabaggers. Yeah, super useful. And especially with these mountain […]

Unsung Heroes Of Mountain Biking | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 187

– The rat’s been let out the cage. – E-bikes are actually allowed to race in e-bike races now. – And we’re gonna talk about all those unsung heroes. – Yeah, and we check out some radical new wheels. It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (intense music) (gears turning) Welcome […]

I’m giving away my custom SPECIALIZED BIKE!

hey guys what’s up forgive me marry me again and today I’ve got something very very special for you gonna make this video in English as I said that I’m gonna make more and more videos in English six years will be for sure in German with English subtitles and I’m also gonna add German […]

4 Signs You’ve Lost Sight Of Why You Ride | The GCN Show Ep. 310

– Let’s just say exactly the same thing but faster. – (laughs) Yes. It’s time now we get to the comments of the week which we really like doing. (laughing) – From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show (subdued music) which is brought to you by our […]

Cheap Mountain Bikes | GMBN Presenter Challenge

– Right, today is the cheap bike challenge. We’ve all been given a hundred pounds each to go away and buy a cheap mountain bike, and today we’re going to put them to the test. (pounding music) – Oh my God. I nearly hit a tree! (pounding music) – Come on Toby. (laughing) – Oh […]