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Rouvy Explained | Indoor Cycling Training Software First Look

– Indoor training keeps getting better and better. It’s getting more immersive, more realistic, and more fun, and in this video, we’re going to show you an app called Rouvy which allows you to ride, race, or train virtually in real places, so in places like the Stelvio Pass, outdoors, and many more. Now before […]

Can You Learn To Suffer Like A Pro? | Ask GCN Anything

– Hello and welcome to ask GCN Anything! – This week, we are answering your questions on mental fitness, smooth pedaling, and why team mechanics sit in the back of the car and not the front. – Good questions, then, and a little bit of everything. Don’t forget for your chance to be with a […]

60 Minute Bike-Run Session | GTN’s Hour Of Power Brick Workout

– Welcome to GTN’s Hour of Power, and today, I’ve got a great little brick session for you, going from bike to run, that will have you done and dusted within 60 minutes. Right, as the name suggests, this one is all about power, so if you’re after an easy session today, well, I’m afraid […]

Cycling In Winter – Special Edition | Ask GCN Anything

(whoosh) – Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week it’s a winter special. So, for all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is turning, so we’re gonna answer all those questions on winter riding. – We are. But don’t forget to use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING and you’ll […]

12 More Things I Wish I’d Known About Cycling On Zwift

– Last year, we told you 11 super cool features on Zwift that you would wish you’d known about. And so it just happened, on Zwift since then, that we’re going to give you some more. 12 this time, in fact, just to make sure you are totally getting the most out of it. (upbeat […]

What Do Pro Cyclists Do In The Off Season? | Ask GCN Anything

(explosive sound) – Welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Yes, and this week we are talking all about what pros get up to during the off season, how to train for a short time drop, and how to get monster quads just like our very own John Travolta. (upbeat music) – Not to mention, if […]

How Can I Get Fitter In Winter? | Ask GCN Anything

(dramatic sound effects) – Hello and welcome to Ask GC Anything. – This week we have got loads of questions relating to winter training from indoor training Zwift, how to build your FTP, and much more. – Yeah, that’s right and if you want to submit questions for us to answer next week, remember you […]

How Do I Choose The Perfect Saddle? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to ask GC anything and this week we have questions on how to choose your perfect saddle, how to get back to fitness after injury, and what to do before race day. – Don’t forget if you want to have your questions answered in the comments below use the hashtag TORQUEBACK for all […]