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Zwift Game Updates: March 27th 2020 Changelog

10 a.m. On a Saturday morning here. So happy weekend if you’re watching from Australia or New Zealand Or happy Friday, if you’re still in the u.s. A few hours ago We saw an update drop for Zwift with a few extra features Which I thought I’d talk through today given there are a lot […]

Indoor cycling made cool

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a liar. It takes looonger than one minute. Good news: you can use any smartphone, no special sensors needed. Just install free Ambalco cycling app available for Android and iPhone Just install, just install, just install… and enter your nickname smartphone on the antler measures your speed errr… In real […]

Indoor Cycling Technique – Fitness Tips – Westway Sports & Fitness

Hi, I’m Tamara from Westway Sports & Fitness. Today I’m gonna run through a couple of techniques that will help you improve your riding and get the most out of your indoor cycling class. Okay, once you’re riding the main thing is that your hands should be lightly on the handlebar your weight should be […]

Indoor-Cycling Training für zuhause | Sport-Thieme

Hello. I’m Eva and we’re doing the training session together today on the Kettler Speedbike Before we start, we have to make a few adjustments to the bike We start at the saddle We stand next to the bike and to adjust the saddle we have to adjust it to hip height Loosen the screw […]

What Do You Need To Start Cycling Indoors? | GCN Turbo Training Top Tips

Speaker: There are loads of great reasons to cycle indoors. It’s really time-efficient. You can fit it easily around your other life commitments. You can also train in a way that you just can’t on the road and it doesn’t usually rain inside. There are also some really rubbish reasons to cycle indoors such as, […]

Indoor Cycling at Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX

Our Cycling classes here at Fortis & YOGALUX are top notch! 45 minutes of intense ride, built-in by amazing music and amazing instructors. You’re going to see great results taking our LUX Indoor Cycling classes; everything from high calorie burn, to an increased heart rate during the classes, and of course toning your legs. I […]

Training With Team Sky

– We’ve been invited here, to Team Sky’s Mallorca training camp by Wahoo, to join the team in an indoor training session, where I’ll be riding along with the likes of Michał Kwiatkowski and Wout Poels, and I must admit, I am looking forward to that. – Bucket. Bucket for Matt. – Before we do […]