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Un mountain bike perfect – electric si ieftin.

Behind me is a bike like any other, meaning, 2 wheels, 2 pedals, a handle bar, and so on. What is has in addition to a normal bike is the electric motor(a.k.a. engine), situated somewhere in the middle, which I will show you in a bit, and of course the battery. With a Suntour XCT […]

ONE DAY IN MY LIFE 2.0 – Lukas Knopf Mountain Bike POV Edition

lets eat something first! f*** think I have to get some more full gaaaas can it get any better?! so sick lets finish breakfast with some coffee and then hit the skatepark whats up man?! you have to clap ‘Doesn’t quite work how everyone’s doing it haha’ nah hey you are quite nice man thanks […]


hey guys whats up and welcome to the fire event in chengdu china! iam going to show you the course real quick in the intro you already saw the way from the hotel to the event over there are the other events going on we have a step down, two jumps, a hip jump and […]