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Best MTB Upgrades For Your Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep.193

– This week we talk the very best upgrades for your bike and riding life. Plus, we tell you the best upgrade for under $30. – We’ve got some huge fails and we’re also, we’ve got some in ingenious tech hacks. – We have. And, of course, we’ve got that 100 pound voucher from Chain […]

How To Lift Your Rear Wheel | Mountain Bike Skills

– This is a really important skill but it’s one that really frustrates a lot of people. But you’re gonna need to take your riding to the very next level. This is how to pick up your back wheel. It’s the hardest but most important part of a bunny hop. It’s key for riding light […]

Learning Cyclo-Cross Skills With Blake | An Intro For Mountain Bikers

– Welcome back, you beautiful people, and today– Wow. Welcome back, you beautiful people, and today it’s all about– What the hell. Welcome back, you beautiful people, and today, it’s all about riding cross bikes? Tom Last! – Cyclocross. What’s going on, mate? – How are you doing? – This is mine. Hold that. – […]

6 Simple Mountain Bike Skills That Will Make You A Better Rider

– Oh What! Look at the state of that pump track, I wanted to shred that thing, man before hitting the trail. Ahh, no excuses though. We can still ride, we can still ride I can see a few obstacles under this flyover. That it’s dry apart from that bit over there. That we can […]

20 Minute Indoor Cycling Training | Hill Sprints on the Passo Campolongo

– You ready? We’re going to do some hill sprints up the Passo Campolongo starting here in Corvara. First up, a warmup. (upbeat music) – Well, thank you very much, Dan. What an honour it is to be training to footage shot by the Boss himself. Now this one, as Dan said, is a hill-sprint […]

12 Incredibly Cheap E-MTB Upgrades| E-Bike Modifications

– We all know that E-Bikes can be really expensive, but if you’re like me, you love looking at your E-Bike, sitting on your E-Bike, squeezing those brake levers, just looking at it lovingly. But, sometimes you just can’t afford all those expensive bits. So today’s video is gonna be taking a look at all […]

Aero Helmets, Sweet Spot Training & Road Dogs | Ask GCN Anything

– It’s Ask GCN Anything, a fairly self-explanatory title, but if you’ve never watched one before, this is your chance to ask us your cycling related questions, and we’ll do our best to give some kind of expert answer. Two ways to ask those questions: firstly on social media, using the hashtag #torqueback, or you […]

Improve Your Manual Skills | MTB Coaching With Neil

(grunge music) – Right, this is a how to manual video but with a difference today because I’m joined by a guest. This is Tom. You may have heard of Tom. He normally stands behind the camera, this time he’s in front of the camera. Tom can ride a bike. I’m sure he can manual […]