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How To Prepare Your E-Bike For Winter | EMTB Maintenance

– So winter is coming and that doesn’t mean your e-biking has to come to an end. It’s actually where these bikes excel. They love winter, they love going out there in the mud and getting covered in it. There’s a few little steps and little hacks we can do to our bikes to get […]

MTB WVP on Ice with 45NRTH studded bike tires 2019

It’s so cool Oh my gosh, look at that Oh daddy’s already over there It’s frozen Whoaa Ho Ho Ho Ho!! Ohhhh Ho Ho Ho Ho!! This is fine See? Oh, Anna it’s frozen. You can walk on it Seriously? Try… *giggles* Wow, SO PRETTY! Look… (inaudible) [Anna] Hi So pretty Hey, daddy I’m trying […]