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How Hard Can You Ride A DIY E Bike? | Homebuild In The Bike Park

– Here on EMBN we’re lucky enough to ride some of the best ebikes out there. But those bikes come at quite a price for that performance. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got those ebike home-build kits. They got us thinking, “How capable are those bikes out on the trail?” Especially with […]

Jose Writes “What is an electric bike?”

Recently we received some mailings by carrier pigeon from all over the place with interesting questions. Jose from Grand Rapids, Michigan writes, “Dear The New Wheel, can you tell me what is an electric bike?” Jose, thanks for the question. Electric bikes are bicycles like you’ve never experienced them before. It’s a bicycle with an […]

Jeanie writes “Should I get mid-drive or hub drive electric bike?”

♪ [music] ♪ Jeanie, from Mount Shasta, writes, “Dear The New Wheel, I live on a steep hill. Should I get a mid-drive or rear-hub drive E-bike? Sincerely, Jeanie.” Jeanie, it really depends on just how steep your hill is. Both types of bikes can do an excellent job for you. Rear-hub drives have a […]

Entry Level Hub-Drive Vs Mid-Drive E-Bikes | What’s the Difference?

– You’re about to buy your first ever e-mountain bike, and why not, if you can take the sting out of climbs, and get you to places like this. Just a little bit easier. – Entry level e-bikes: hub-drive versus mid-drive. What exactly can you get for your money? (energetic music) – So here then, […]

New FSA E Bike Motor First Look

(upbeat music) – [Man] We’ve got a really exciting first look for you today. And I don’t think it’s something we’ve featured before on GCN. It’s a brand new, e-bike motor from FSA. And we’re going to tell you how it works and all the details. But, before we do that, make sure you subscribe […]

Hub Drive VS Mid Drive eBike motor systems

Hey, what’s up? This is Mikey at Blue Monkey Bicycles and in this video we’re going to talk about mid-drives vs hub-drives! *intro Alright, so first things first; what’s the difference between the two? A hub-drive is an electric bike motor that is right in the middle of the hub, or in the middle of […]

Review: Stromer ST5 – The New Swiss Super Ebike

Hi. I’m Brett from the New Wheel Electric Bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. And today, I’m in Switzerland. I’m at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen, and I’m here on the production line of the brand new Stromer ST5. I’ve come, here, to Switzerland to test ride the new ST5, take it around the […]