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Fitting a Bicycle to You : Adjusting a Road Bike’s Saddle Height

On a road bike, your saddle height should be set so that at the bottom of your pedal stroke, again we’re looking at you know roughly a twenty-five to thirty degree bend in your leg again, without keeping your heel way up in the air. If you pedal with a lot or ankling or you […]

Fitting a Bicycle to You : Fitting a Road Bike’s Saddle to You

On a road bike, once you’ve chosen a proper frame size for your build, or as close as you can get in a production bike, the saddle fore and aft adjustment is really important in that you need to get your knees properly over the pedal when you’re set up on the bike and also […]

Fitting a Bicycle to You : Various Types of Bicycles

In the three major types of bikes out there, we have the hybrid, usually indicated by upright handle bars, like a mountain bike, wide gear range like a mountain bike, however, the narrower higher pressure tires of the road bike. The industry is a little confused right now about what to call these bikes, they […]

Mountain Biking Maintenance and Repair : Choose Gears on a Mountain Bike

For the vast majority of people that are somewhere, just in the middle of the mountain bike spectrum, the stock gearing that they sell is great. For people who are looking to do really specific things, or are really fit racers, or real extreme riders, they have some other options to pursue. For people who […]

DIY Floating Wall-Mounted Bike Rack | How To Build – Woodworking

What’s going on everybody! I’m Johnny Brooke, welcome back to another Crafted Workshop video. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to build this pretty simple floating plywood bike rack. This is a bike rack that is kind of meant to display your bike, if you will. Put up your bike on the […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove a Rear Bicycle Tire

Flats are almost always on the rear wheel mainly because the rear wheel bears almost all of your weight, sixty percent is fat, and so therefore, don’t be intimidated by the presence of gears. The quick release lever will operate the same way as the front. Brakes will unhook just as the front, so we’ll […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Remove the Front Bicycle Wheel

So, you’ve realized that one of your tires is flat. We’ve gone through removing the brakes, opening them up. The next step would be to use your quick release lever to remove the wheel from the bike. Now, most quick release levers are labeled “Open On One Side”, it would be hard to see but […]

How to Repair a Bicycle Tire : How to Seat the Tire & Tire Valve

Again the last steps are making sure that the valve is seated; you achieve that by pushing it up so that none of the tube is below the beads of the tire as it sits in the rim and then pulling it down. And then going around and making sure taking a quick look at […]