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The Narrowest Bars In MTB? | Blake’s Narrow Handlebar Challenge

– Whoa! So twitchy! Paradise Palms, here we go, dude! Whoa! Oh oh oh! My heart’s in my mouth. Welcome back, you beautiful people. Yes, you have read right. I want to see how narrow I can go with the bar width. Now, my preferred bar width is 770 or 760. I’m running 760 at […]

Waterfall-climbing fish performs evolutionary feat – Science Nation

♫MUSIC♫ HEIKO SCHOENFUSS: Lots of big waterfalls, and the fish have no problems climbing them. MILES O’BRIEN: These are Inching Climbers. They thrive in the waters of Hawaii. And talk about a fish with an amazing life story! They hatch in streams and are washed out to sea. As juveniles, they head back toward land […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today we will ride an hour together! We are on my personal ground, we will try to modulate all these obstacles to have cool lines, and do some new combos ! Let’s go ! That’s it for this little hour session! I am very happy with […]

Mon NOUVEAU VTT STREET TRIAL ! (Déballage & Montage)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today no riding session, today we will do some mechanics together, and today I’m going to build up with you … my brand new Inspired Fourplay! This time it’s the red model, replacing the green model, I chose this color because it fit with the Urban Trial Show structure, […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today I’m super fine ! I received this little package ! It’s my new bike! We will make a small unboxing of the cardboard We will built this bike together! Let’s go ! The color is just crazy ! Soo the bike is ready to ride […]

Meditating in Ancient Buddhist Temple in Seoul South Korea

Greetings Vagabuddies. Welcome back to Seoul, South Korea. Today is going to be a much slower, more mellow video. We are here at the Bongeunsa Temple. I hope I pronounced that right. It’s a twelve hundred year old temple in the middle of modern Seoul. It’s a Buddhist Temple Once a week they open up […]


Hey it’s Jimmy! Today we are together for a new video. And today we will see a rather special video, we will redo a presentation, a presentation of the Inspired Flow 20″. Many of you appreciate the presentation of the Flow 24. Today we will see the model for kids or for people up to […]

Sesame Street: Episode #4502: Bert Rides a Bike (HBO Kids)

♪ (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ (LUIS SINGING) ♪ You don’t need those ♪♪ two little wheels on the side ♪♪ To help keep you up, you can learn how to ride ♪-(GROAN) -(CRASH) (ERNIE SINGING) ♪ Just find your balance ♪(LUIS SINGING) ♪Keep it in control ♪♪ And peddle, peddle, peddle ♪Ah, ha, ha! (LUIS […]