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How To Enjoy Climbing

– Now, can you enjoy climbing? I reckon there’ll be a 50/50 answer to that. Some people say yeah, it’s great, it’s part of the ride. Others will definitely say no. I go from one to the other, go from really thinking of it as just part of the ride you’ve gotta do to get […]

How To Set Up A Mountain Bike For Jibbing | Barspin And Freecoaster Hacks

– For quite a long time, mountain bikers have been quite into riding street and have associcted tricks to do with it, but in recent times, jibbing has actually become quite popular, probably because of the fact that 50:1 boys, Josh Lewis, Josh Bryceland, all those guys are doing loads of BMX orientated tricks out […]

Power To Weight Perfection | Pikes Peak Sendy Club [TECH TOUR]

– One of our favourite cars here at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb 2018 is the Sendy Club’s Wolf GB08, owned and driven by Robin Shute. The Wolf GB08 chassis is purpose designed as an endurance car and in stock trim it uses a Mugen Built Honda K20 engine that’s mid mounted. While the naturally […]

I Only Have One Bike | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– Do you only have one bike? Are you jealous of all those lucky people out there who seem to have it all? Well, this is a problem, and I’m here to make sure you can put that one perfect steed to good use. Capitalizing on every opportunity to ride it, and a few tips […]


hey guys it’s me Tiago the french inline skater and today I was supposed to go to the skate park but it’s been raining for a few days and the floor is totally wet so I have to switch to plan B! Today’s video will be the difference between FREERIDE skates and FREESTYLE skates. ‘trying […]

The Narrowest Bars In MTB? | Blake’s Narrow Handlebar Challenge

– Whoa! So twitchy! Paradise Palms, here we go, dude! Whoa! Oh oh oh! My heart’s in my mouth. Welcome back, you beautiful people. Yes, you have read right. I want to see how narrow I can go with the bar width. Now, my preferred bar width is 770 or 760. I’m running 760 at […]

Waterfall-climbing fish performs evolutionary feat – Science Nation

♫MUSIC♫ HEIKO SCHOENFUSS: Lots of big waterfalls, and the fish have no problems climbing them. MILES O’BRIEN: These are Inching Climbers. They thrive in the waters of Hawaii. And talk about a fish with an amazing life story! They hatch in streams and are washed out to sea. As juveniles, they head back toward land […]