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How To Bunny Hop An E Mountain Bike | Essential E MTB Skills

– Moving on from the How To Manual video that went out recently, this is how to bunny hop an ebike and why it’s such an essential skill. (upbeat music) It’s important that you nail the manual first, ’cause that’ll make it much easier to do a bunny hop. And this, again, is all about […]

How & When To Replace Your Derailleur Jockey Wheels

– Jockey wheels, or pulley wheels, if you prefer, have a couple of very important jobs on your bicycle. First of all, they help move the derailleur across the cassette, allowing you to choose your gear, as well as keeping the chain nice and tensioned. Sadly, though, they do get worn out, because, they turn […]

Saris Bones 2 Bike – How to fit – rear mounted bike carrier

clean surface a vehicle which will be in contact with rack begin install by loosening knob on the center arm slide center arm to one side and rotate into position position lower feet on vehicle bumper position center arm against trunk, hook two upper clips to the top of trunk hook two side clips to […]

How To Choose Your Freeride Skis | Salomon How-To

Fall is in the air as you can see, and winter is coming. So if you like powder up to your knees, skiing out of bounds and through the trees while it’s snowing, then you’re definitely a freerider. And picking the right ski is essential. With a rocker profile, the contact of the ski with […]

Can You Get Fit On An E Bike? | E-MTB Fitness Explained

– Now there might be some people out there that think owning an e-bike means losing all your fitness, getting slow and also getting fat. Well today we are with a fine figure of a man, Ben from the Strength Factory, to make sure that you stay on top of your strength and your fitness […]

HOW TO COMPETE IN FREERIDE with Xavier De Le Rue | How To Xv

Being a good freerider and being a good competition freerider are two very different things. So today, we’re gonna talk about those comps, try to understand them better, and try to pick out all the little tips to make you a better competition freerider. Freeriding is not necessarily about the competition it’s about being out […]