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DIY Bike Service | 12 MTB Maintenance Things To Do In Isolation

Like many others at the moment, I’m in isolation. So, I thought I’d take this time to make a video about the sorts of things you can do to your bike without having to have many spare parts or even specialist tools. This is isolation overhaul. (dramatic music) Okay, so this video isn’t just a […]

5 E Bike Skills To Practise Anywhere | EMTB Skills

– E-Mountainbiking requires some basic skills for when you hit the trails, but we’re not hitting the trail today, we’re hitting the streets. I’m going to show you five basic skills you can learn absolutely anywhere. (relaxed music) (digital tones ringing) So the manual is a key skill to learn on your E-Mountainbike. It’s a […]

7 Carpark Skills To Practise On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, some carpark tricks that you can learn on your bike on the flat ground. I’m out here in the woods, there’s no car park but it’s flat, but there is one down there and I have a bunch that you want to learn. (rock music) (chuckling) – Oh my […]

How To Lube Your E Bike Chain | EMTB Maintenance

– The chain on your e-mountain bike is one of the most important components to look after. Even simple things such as lubing your chain you can make a few mistakes with. So in today’s video, we’re going in depth on everything there is to deal with your chain. (upbeat music) All right, so let’s […]

HOW I WASH MY BIKE (cum imi spal bicicleta)

Hi my name is Oliver Today I will make a tutorial How I wash my bike What products do I use It is nothing complicated , it’s just this product It’s the best I’ve used First of all , just spray the bike with the cleaner , no water needed We can use it on […]

5 Bike Hacks for Internally Routed Cables – MTB, Road

Internally routed cables through our frames are a bit of a pain in the back, and definitely that’s how I feel right now, because I have to run a cable here to my seat post to install a “mighty” dropper post. And how do I do that without removing my bottom bracket? For those of […]

How To Hold Your Handlebars Like A Pro

This position gives you the most control of your bike. This is perfect for descending or when riding in a nervous peloton. You are closer to your brakes and also have the greatest leverage in this position, and therefore more stopping power. This is the safest position to ride in, as you can maintain a […]


THIS VIDEO WAS RECORDED BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF CORONA VIRUS These ones? the grip xD I have climbed them once Is this a shortcut? What a view , without trash At least here it’s nice right? oh no This sign is so big Hollywood Downhill bye oops , I am in a high gear now […]

Road to Rhodes | Episode 4 | THE NEXT STEP²

He crashes straight into the side of the car and is thrown two-three meters up in the air. The only thing that remains are two bolts in his kneecap which he hopefully will get to remove as soon as he gets back home. I still live at home together with my parents, but I´m thinking […]