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Madrax Bike Racks: How To Park Your Bike

If you’re wondering how to best park your bike so it’s supported and secure, you’re not alone. This video will review four steps to correctly parking your bike. Step 1: Think visibility. When you need to park your bike in an unfamiliar area, or even a familiar one, look for bicycle parking racks that are […]

How to do rear wheel jump on a bike

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial there I will try to teach you how to do back wheel jump on a bike. Okay, first of all you need to find the balance on the rear wheel. Just keep the rear brake locked, also the front wheel if you want to. Bend your knees and […]

How to Ride Up Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Tips

Hi Groovers, Chris here from www.MTBtips.com with my Top 4 Tips for climbing stairs the skills you learn here in the concrete jungle will certainly boost your rock and root climbing ability on the trials, too. Click the link on screen or in the description for the complete stair climbing tips including the ‘How to […]

How to Fix a Broken Chain – On-Trail Mountain Bike Repairs | Part 3

A broken chain can be a real bummer, but you shouldn’t let it wreck your day. Before you leave on your next ride make sure you have a master-link or quick-link specific to your chain and a chain tool in your pack. Its easiest to repair a broken chain with your bike laying down on […]

The Basics of V-Brakes – How They Work and How to Adjust

Hello, I’m Michael from Ivanhoe Cycles. I’m going to be showing you the basics of a “V” brake system on the front of a bicycle. There are a few different components that you need to be aware of. The brake lever, the brake adjustment at the brake lever, the outer cable, the inner cable – […]