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How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike | Halfords UK

Here’s a great technique for teaching your child how to ride a bike. For this method, you’ll need: – a bike without stabilisers – a pedal spanner to remove and replace the pedals – your child will need a helmet – and knee and elbow pads are also useful Before you start, spend a bit of […]

Top 10 Common Cycling Mistakes

Top 10 Basic Cycling Mistakes. Going out without spares or money Your bike is ready, you feel fit, it’s a beautiful day, and you’ve headed out over a lovely route that takes you to places you’ve never been. As you reach the furthest point, on the verge of heading back home, disaster strikes. You suffer […]

Climb Steeper Hills On Your E-Bike | EMTB Skills

– Okay guys, today I’m going to talk about getting you up some banks which you might not normally be getting up, which in turn will broaden the type of riding you’re doing on your e-mountain bike. It’ll also be more of a workout and, like I said, it’ll open up some new horizons to […]

Urban Ride | Cerro San Simón with MaxiBikers | Mountain Bike

“In today’s adventure we will go with our friends from MaxiBikers to the hill of San Simón… …and we will pass at night by Martínez Domínguez, before returning home.” – Left – Spartan – Well done, dude! “Cerro San Simón is located in Guadalupe, Zacatecas. ” “Because it is 7,602 feet above sea level, offers […]

5 Basic Skills With Leigh Donovan | MTB Skills

– Right I’m here with legendary mountain biker Leigh Donovan in downhill, cross country? – (laughs) Definitely not! Definitely not! (laughing) – Dual slalom and all that goodness, you’re here to help us show us a few things.. In mountain biking. – Yeah, I’m going to do five skills. One, two, three, four, five. That […]

Beginner Mistakes & How To Avoid Them | Mountain Bike Skills

– When you’re getting into mountain biking, it’s really easy to make some big mistakes. I know I did loads. – Yeah, we still make mistakes to the date. – That is true. This is some of the most common mistakes you’re likely to make when you start mountain biking and how to avoid them. […]