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How To Clean A Dirty Road Bike In A Hurry – GCN’s Rapid Bike Wash

We often say—and I mean we really often say here at GCN— that you should keep your bike clean. And you should. But there are times when perhaps after a really long, wet ride or maybe, after just weeks and weeks of riding and not looking after it that your bike may end up looking […]

6 Retro Bike Cleaning Hacks: Do They Really Work?!

(upbeat music) – There are many amazing products out there that make bike cleaning easier. But was there anything wrong with the way that we used to have to clean bikes before specific cleaners existed? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Old-school bike cleaning hacks, do they work? We go on about degreasers cleaning your […]

How Not To Wash Your Mountain Bike After A Ride

– [Narrator] How not to wash your pride and joy, we recommend that you do not follow most of these practices. We had to show you how not to do it, so you don’t learn the hard way. This is for your entertainment purposes only. – Oh man, look my bike’s still muddy. At least […]

The 30 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean & Degrease Your Bike

Sometimes your bike just needs a really thorough clean, particularly if you’ve got a big event coming up like a sportif or a race. First of all run a bucket of hot soapy water. I always washing up liquid because there’s always some in my house. If you’ve been more organized you can use a […]

How I wash my mountain bikes

I hose off my bikes after every trail ride, so usually the big stuff never gets a chance to dry up and cake on. As needed, I’ll do a slightly deeper cleaning to get to the stuff I missed during post ride hose offs. This is what we’ll be covering today. The first thing you […]