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Home-Made Custom Carbon Bike Tech With Olympian Rob Hayles

– I’m here in the north of England, and I’ve been told it’s not always quite like this, with snow on the ground, but we’re here to actually go and meet a man who’s a former bike rider, former World Champion Olympic medalist. He’s told me that he’s never bored because he’s got a workshop […]

Are E-Bikes Motorbikes? | Homemade Petrol Bicycle Vs Mid Drive EMTB

– Something you always hear when it comes to E-bikes, and we hear a lot in the EMBN, is that they are motor bikes. And myself, Chris and Steve have got a lot of experience with motor bikes. We know that they’re not. But I do hear that Chris has found something that might be […]

E-bikes Trip Part 1 / 1000 km Trip to the Black Sea!

our chilhood dream came true! we are going to the seaside! and we will not just take a bus, we are riding there! We are going to pass a thousand kilometers from Lugansk to Yalta to make it happen we’ve increased the capacity of the accumulators made one more E-bike and took a welding inverter […]

Homemade 200cc MOTORCYCLE of CAR TIRES !? / PART 1

Since I don’t have a turning tool, I had to get this made by a turner. So you can see what it should look like. It is the head for the wheel. Bearings, the axel and the disc for the break go here. The breaking system was provided by Banggood. I will leave a link […]