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London to Paris by bike (2008, part 1 of 2)

It’s 21:00 on Thursday evening. We’ll be pedalling away from Trafalgar Square in 15 hours. Time to plan a route. London to Paris in 4,000 easy steps. Now I just need a pen and paper. The fruits of my internet research? Some detailed plans from London to Newhaven and from Dieppe to Paris. I also […]

Esbjerg to Copenhagen by bike

£28. £28! All good journeys start with a hearty pork pie. That’s not yours, wait a minute. And that’s a reference to Paris 2008. Look it up. Gareth’s chilling, on board DFDS. – The engines are starting. – Let’s get out there. Let’s go. Let’s go with haste. We don’t know what’s going on. Music’s […]

How To Fly With A Bike | Mountain Bike Travel Tips

– If you’ve never flown away with your bike before, you might be slightly worried about packing up your valuable bike and handing it over to someone else. But I want to reassure you that if you pack your bike in the right way and sort out your travel arrangements it can be pretty much […]

Weird But Essential Tips For Globetrotting Cyclists

(upbeat music) – Whether you’re off to find some winter sun, or taking yourself away for a multi-month, epic adventure around the entire globe, there are some notable tips. Pieces of advice, laws, that your going to need to remember. Now some are stranger than others. But equally as important. (wind rushing) If you’re on […]

Rocacorba: GCN’s Epic Cycling Climbs

(metallic whooshing) (rustic flamenco music) – I moved to Girona because I’ve heard it was a great place for riding but I could never imagine how incredible it was. It’s cyclists everywhere, the roads are amazing, the food is incredible, and the weather. Okay, I’m going to stop here because I think I’m getting you […]

Is Finale Ligure The Best Place To Ride An E-Bike? | EMBN Show Ep. 57

– Hello and welcome to this week’s EMBN show from the mountain bike Makar of Finale, Ligure. Ligure! – Ligure, that’s right. – And we are joined by Enrico Guala who has seen 25 years of mountain bike develop in this location and more importantly in the last five years E-biking. Now, Enrico is also […]

How To Hire An E-Bike | Making The Most Of Rental On Your Holiday

– Traveling with an e-mountain bike is very difficult simply because you cannot take a battery on the plane. Which is where e-bike rental is a great alternative. More than that, it’s a good way of sampling this amazing sport. So today we’re in northern Italy to have a look at the options of e-bike […]