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Amphibious Houseboat Hits The Road | RIDICULOUS RIDES

THEON PARSEGHIAN: Sure enough 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So it’s a little nerve-wracking. COMM: 29-year-old mechanic, Theon, recently bought a houseboat. COMM: He combined it with a tractor to build this unusual creation, an amphibious houseboat. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, […]

Electric Bike vs. Segway, The Prague Showdown!

I love electric vehicles, so when I stumbled upon this one of a kind electric bikes in Prague, I got excited. So did you build this bike? Yes. We built it, me and my friend. We have got a small company, and we are making custom bicycles. This is an– I don’t know, fifth or […]

Harbin Park Blue Mountain Bike Trail Ride and Review

just got done riding the trails at Harbin park I only wrote a portion um I didn’t write the orange I’m still kind of new to it so I wasn’t gonna get in there and mess with the something of my be too too high for my skill level at this point I had a […]

Mountain Biking Gear & Safety Tips : How To Choose A Mountain Bike

Hi my name is Rick Vanhorn and I’m here to talk about mountain biking for Expert Village. Okay now we are going to go ahead and talk about how to choose a bicylcle. First you have to decide if you want to become a road cyclist, a mountain cyclist, or maybe even a comfort/hybrid cyclist. […]

Mountain Biking Gear & Safety Tips : Learn the Parts Of A Mountain Bike

Hi! My name is Rick Van Hoorn and I am here to talk a bout mountain biking for Expert Village. Right now we are going to talk about mountain bike parts, the parts of the bicycle. Really important parts, seat. Want to have a comfortable seat. Seats are very particular. People have to get used […]