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Enduro Hillclimb Fails & Funny Moments (AUT & ENG CC)

Fuck you! Help me What? It lies on the ground Pick it up How? Lift from your legs Let’s go Perfect Come on! There we go! You almost have it It is going to fall on the other side No! Oida Should we pull it up No I am going to get up this Hill […]

Mazda RX-8 Hillclimb Episode 3: Pagoda

How many exhaust pops can you count in this episode? Staging at start line Safety gear checkFinish line Max Speed: 105 MPH Too much entry speed and trail braking Full length in-car with a few small slides 10,000 RPMs

Mazda RX-8 Hillclimb Episode 5: Polish Mountain

Novice Drive-Through (sped up a tad) Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 Turn 4 Turn 5 Turn 6 Turn 7 Finish line Poor traction… just flinging mud Very loose braking zone and turn-in Still loose in T3… Yikes! Poor visibility due to sun angle Driving blind… Blind again going into T6! Start of my “oops” […]

Mitsubishi Special at Swiss Hillclimb 2012, Lancer EVO 6 to 10, Drift, Flames, Action

Hans Schori, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo RS, 2.3 Turbo Dusan Borkovic, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, 2.0 Turbo Robert Immoos, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, 2.0 Turbo Ronnie Bratschie, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, 2.0 Turbo Thomas Kessler, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, 2.0 Turbo Christian Hofmänner, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10, 2.0 Turbo Michael Widmer, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10, 2.0 […]

Toyota Special at Swiss Hillclimb 2012, Toyota Corolla AE86, Celica ST, GT86, Yaris Cup

Werner Rohr, Toyota Corolla AE86, 1.6 Andreas Lanz, Toyota Corolla AE86, 1.6 Fabien Christinet, Toyota Corolla Coupe, 1.6 Stive Maillard, Toyota Corolla AE86, 1.6 Daniel Diehl, Toyota Corolla, 1.6 Loïc Werlé, Toyota Celica ST 162, 2.0 Andreas Lanz, Toyota GT86, 2.0 Stephan Moser, Toyota Yaris Cup, 1.3 Daniel Schlup, Toyota Yaris Cup, 1.3 Yves Fröhlich, […]


Pretty Bad Intro but like, comment, and subscribe. Open as many possible chests. Upgrade grip and engine with gold let free upgrades take care of the other two since it stops at level 7. Motocross is good for a while but once super car is higher it is the best. Game lied to my face […]


[Helmet Cam Kid] What happened? 2x [Blue Shirt] I couldn’t stop [Blue Shirt] I hit the work bench [ROFLing while talking] Wait did you *inaudible* into the thing? Ha Ha [Blue Shirt] I — uh a hit the key and it turned off. [Uhahuh] Hwait you ,you hit dat? [Blue Shirt] No I almost did […]