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Determining the Force Normal on a Toy Car moving up a Curved Hill

– Good morning. Bo, please read the problem, and Billy, please translate. ♫ Flipping Physics ♫ – A 0.453-kilogram toy car moving at 1.15 meters per second is going up a semicircular hill with a radius of 0.89 meters. – Mass equals 0.453 kilograms. Tangential velocity equals 1.15 meters per second, and radius equals 0.89 […]

5 Reasons Why Your Road Bike Is Slowing You Down

– There are more than just a few ways that your bike is literally wearing you down on the climbs. In this video, we’re going to talk you through a few of the obvious, a few of the less obvious and some of the slightly more expensive ways that your bike can be made a […]

Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

I am fascinated by their courage, the determination and the level of fitness they need to overcome this steep hill. Back when I was still a ski-jumper and we started building Planica, it was even steeper – around 45 degrees on the steepest part. The profile of the hill today is more beautiful and not […]

How To Enjoy Climbing

– Now, can you enjoy climbing? I reckon there’ll be a 50/50 answer to that. Some people say yeah, it’s great, it’s part of the ride. Others will definitely say no. I go from one to the other, go from really thinking of it as just part of the ride you’ve gotta do to get […]

Tour Down Under 2018 | Stage 5 Report

Stage 5 of the Tour Down Under is often where the overall classification is decided, and with 33 riders sitting within 14 seconds of race leader Peter Sagan, we were set for a very close finish. The destination today was Willunga Hill, a 3km climb averaging 7.5%, The riders would tackle it twice inside the […]