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Our Backyard Hides A Unique Freeride Trail | MT PELERIN 2018

So Timeo just discovered a canyon Timeo: We will come back here to shape a new line between those rocks Thats what you call a cliff I don’t know if you can see how steep it is Timeo: It’s still not steep enough This is Rampage Mt Pèlerin Andrew: Soon you will need a wingsuit […]

GoPro HD: Tip #77 Introducing NeoPine Accessories

Kia ora ragazzi, benvenuti a un nuovo tip Oggi un tip molto veloce dove vi introduco una marca di prodotti per GoPro Sto parlando di NEOPine che è uno dei brand più conosciuti in America e anche in altre parti del mondo Vi mostro qualche prodotto che nei prossimi tip recensirò Questo è il NEOPine […]

GoPro Awards: Rex the BMX Kid

We are here jumping the dirt jumps. There, that’s my best friend Jack. Show your face. Hi. There’s Jack, here’s me. I know it’s funny. And we are about to do…to do a cool run. Here we go, just a little conversation. Ooh, this is gonna be smooth! Weehaah! Aw, shoot, I messed up. Doesn’t […]

Herriman Trails | Brand new chunky / flowy trails

Hey guys, it’s Eric with ridelabs and we’re back out at Herriman to check out more stuff with Daniel and Trevor Say hi Daniel We’ll try this again when Daniels… Back at black Ridge reservpor we’re parking here cuz now we’re here late enough in the day that it’s open We parked on Emmeline drive. […]