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Hamsterley Forest: Red Grade Descents – Mountain Biking in Durham

Check it out. We’re back at Hamsterley. It’s a sequel that nobody asked for, but you’re getting anyway. Well, this looks a little familiar. If you follow this channel, you might have noticed that this isn’t my first trip to Hamsterley forest. There’s a link up at the top of the screen now to my […]

Who Inspires You To Ride Your Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 146

♪ Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ O come all ye faithful ♪ – You know this one – I know this one. Do I? ♪ On the second day of Christmas, ♪ ♪ My true love sent to me! ♪ A bicycle! No? – What is it? – I dunno. ♪ Five […]