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Wellspring Peloton Challenge Training Vlog for 28 May 2018

Hey everyone, Dr. Clifford here with a quick peloton training update. I just got back from 133 km ride just now. It is 31 degrees outside and I am really tired. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt, and what’s really special today is if I take too deep a breath, I cough. The reason […]

How to handle and ride a tall motorcycle

Hey everybody, DirtDad here. I’m in violation of some sort of video authoring law, right? You can’t put your shadow in a video. I want my shadow in this video. Because I am going to use it to show you some stuff. The topic is how to handle a tall bike. Why would you want […]

Make Your E Mountain Bike Faster | EMBN How To

– Now, you might have seen a recent video, that me and the Don did, ‘Are E-Bikes Fast.’ Well, we know that they’re fast, but how in fact, to make them faster? There’s many mechanical ways to do this, but there’s also some human ones too. These are a few of them. (upbeat electronic music) […]

Ride Your Mountain Bike With A High Saddle | GMBN How To

– Right, yes, you did read right in that thumbnail and that’s how to ride with your saddle at full mast height. ‘Cause us dudes at the GMBN are all about the dropper post and telling you how great it is. How to get it down, out of the way when you’re descending, when you’re […]

JLL® IC260 Indoor Cycling™ Bike – Unboxing & Assembly

Using a pair of scissors cut along the seal on top of the box. Once you’ve opened the box and removed the contents from the top, lift it gently on the side, and you should be able to pull it out. Remove the packaging from the inside of the box. Ensure that you check all […]

9 beginner mistakes and how to avoid them | Cycling Weekly

Whether you are cycling newbie or seasoned pro we all make mistakes and while we learn best from the errors we make, at the time it never quite feels like that So to save you the time, hassle and embarrassment of making silly cycling mistakes we’ve gone to the effort of making them for you […]