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This place was born out of my passion for the suits, helmets, boots, gloves, all the racing gear from my career. And we came up with the idea of a room, a sort of secret museum, just a place really to put all these unforgettable items, unforgettable moments from my career. I couldn’t open its […]

New POC Ventral Road Cycling Helmet | GCN Tech’s First Look

(wooshing) – POC have just launched a brand-new aero road helmet called the Ventral. Their first in quite a few years is designed to be faster than their Octal while still maintaining ventilation. There is loads of great tech. So, let’s get ready; we’re goin’ in. This is the brand new Ventral helmet from POC. […]

New Urban Cycling Tech At Eurobike 2018

– Here at Eurobike, there are loads of absolutely brilliant urban cycling solutions, including this dude’s cargo bike, which is probably the best way for getting around the show. – Yeah so easy to ride apparently, that any idiot could do it. – Wow, what are you talking about? – Sorry mate, no I didn’t […]

Best Way To Wash Cycling Kit Correctly? | GCN Tech Clinic

– Welcome back to another episode of the GCN Tech Clinic, where I try and answer and solve your tech related problems. So if you’ve got one, make sure you leave it for me down there in the comments section below, or alternatively on all forms of social media, using the #AskGCNTech. Now with no […]

Custom Bikes & Tech At Red Hook Crit Milan

– I’m here at the Red Hook Crit in Milan, which is different from any other bike race we’ve been to with GCN before, because the riders have to use fixed gear bicycles with no brakes, it’s absolutely bonkers. Now James Lowsley Williams, fellow GCN presenter, is gonna be competing in this race, rather him […]