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Disc Wheel Vs Deep Section | Which Wheel Should You Race With?

– Choosing the right wheels for race day can be so tricky and rightly so because they can have a huge affect on your performance. – Yeah, it is always a question of balancing the aerodynamic advantages of a deeper wheel, against the slightly lighter weight and potentially even the greater stability of a shallower […]

GTN Take On GCN In A Hill Climb Challenge | GTN Vs GCN

(intense music) – [Heather] GCN Espanol has very kindly invited me out to do some filming in Girona, and its been great to work together with Maya. But, its reopened an age old debate. We all know that the long history of rivalry between cyclists and triathletes, and it goes deeper than the sock debate. […]

Aero Vs. Road Helmet | Which Is The Best Bike Helmet For Triathlon?

– An aero helmet is obviously designed for aero gains, but how much of an advantage do you actually get from using an aero helmet over using a road helmet? Well, in a wind tunnel this is gonna win hands down. But in reality there are so many factors to consider when you’re choosing what […]

Ben Kanute’s Trek Madone Pro Bike and Kit

(upbeat music) (electronics) – We’re here with Ben Kanute’s Trek Madone and his pro tri kit, just after he’s raced the ITU World Champs Grand Final here in Rotterdam, and only one week after he became silver medalist at the World Champs 70.3 in Chattanooga. It’s a size 56 Trek Madone frame with very bright […]

Triathlon Training Explained | Bike Pacing For Triathlon And Time Trialling

(upbeat instrumental music) – Welcome back to triathlon training explained, powered by Training Peaks. This week we’re gonna be looking at bike pacing within a triathlon. – Yeah, we’re particularly talking about non drafting triathlon here, where an evenly paced bike leg is thought to have the best end result, but as we all know […]

How To Increase Your Power On The Bike | 3 Bike Workouts To Make You Faster

– It’s the beginning of a new season so you’ve probably already started to look at your diary and plan those goals for the upcoming months. And now, as athletes, we naturally aspire to improve and get faster and faster year on year, but how exactly can we get faster? – Yes, finding more power […]

How To Pedal Like A Pro | Cycling Technique

– I’ve got memories of learning to ride a bike and once I found my balance, being told by my parents to just pedal, well, that’s what a lot of us still think we need to do, and to a certain extent, we’re right. But there is actually some technique to doing it well. So […]