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Has Pro Cycling Training Changed? | GCN Asks The World Tour Coaches

– [James] Chris and I have been given access to speak to two of the best trainers at (speaks foreign language). And in this video, we are going to be diving deep into the details of how training has changed over the years. – Yeah, training has changed a lot. Where they used to train […]

How Do I Find My Maximum Heart Rate? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome back to another Ask GCN-ything This week were talking about why the cyclists shave their legs and not their arms, how to lose weight while cycling, and also how to build your endurance. – And don’t forget if you’d like to get involved on next weeks show then as always, use the hashtag […]

Triathlon Training Explained | Bike Pacing For Triathlon And Time Trialling

(upbeat instrumental music) – Welcome back to triathlon training explained, powered by Training Peaks. This week we’re gonna be looking at bike pacing within a triathlon. – Yeah, we’re particularly talking about non drafting triathlon here, where an evenly paced bike leg is thought to have the best end result, but as we all know […]

How Do I Stop Getting Dropped? | Ask GCN Anything

– Hello and welcome to ask GCN anything. It’s that video where each week we answer your questions about cycling. And if you wanna ask some for next week, just stick them in the comment section below this one, or, submit them on social media using the hashtag torqueback, or a new one, which is […]

Leg Length Discrepancy On The Bike | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Well, we say anything but actually, we’ve got lots of questions and answers about training today, cause that’s what you guys sent in as questions. – Yeah and also, some tech ones as well, let’s put those on the table as well, Emma. We need to […]

Do We Need Cycling Computers? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 37

(dramatic electronic thump) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we’ve got a couple of spy shots of new bikes. We’ve got some custom shoes, we’ve got golden rollers. – And our big talking point this week, should you ride with or without a bike computer? – That’s a tough one. And […]

Are E Bikes The Ultimate Fat Burners?

– So today myself and Alan Milway are going to be showing you the three different types of rides you can go on your E-bike to maximize your fitness. (upbeat music) Now later in this video we are going to be defining three different types of rides on your E-bike. Which ultimately are going to […]

Where To Fit A Power Meter On Your Bike | GCN Tech Does Science

(dramatic thuds) (upbeat music) – Training with power has become one of the most talked about ways of both improving performance and fitness in recent years. Gone are the days of being out, slogging yourself for hours on end, and well, just hoping for the best in terms of fitness. However, what’s really important is […]