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Berlin on Bike beim Yoga Cycling

Yoga-Cycling are basically yoga-based exercises that we integrated with cycling So now you can do a few nice yoga-exercises while you are cycling to work or whatever. You’ll notice to be relaxed more quickly, You do something for your body and fitness – – which otherwise most of us would simply not do. [Sascha] What […]

Iron Man Michael McCormack Uses Indoor Cycling DVD for Spin Class

Hi and welcome to beautiful Marin County California where we enjoy some of the most beautiful bike routes anywhere and I’m the owner of M2 Revolution and indoor cycling studio in downtonw San Franisco and when you can’t be riding on the roads that you see behind me, we bring these same roads indoors and […]

Spin Bike for Toddlers?

– Spin bikes for kids? We adults, a lot of us go to spin classes, we workout at home. But toddlers now might have an opportunity to get rid of a few extra LBs, how? Well Fisher-Price recently announced Think & Learn Cycle. You can connect it to a tablet or TV via Bluetooth and […]

ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Belt Drive Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike

Unleash that healthier person inside you by getting in top shape with the Asuna 5100 Belt-Drive Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness Crafted from heavy-duty grade steel it possesses a sleek design the aluminum flywheel provides lightweight stability. A belt-drive transmission and magnetic resistance deliver a smooth quiet ride and the most […]

Ted exercises with an indoor cycling bike video dvd to lose weight – Day 1 of 90

It’s sweat time for Ted…Almost there. I’m ten and a half miles into this thing heart rate’s been averaging about 140 ..and uh..sweat rate averaging 100% so I’m there So anyway..Here we go..Day 1. ..Let’s Go kick Ass America!! Hi Everyone. My name is Ted Van Midde, I’m the president of Motivational Athletics and the […]