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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike

start your daily workout in your own home with the sfb 2605 folding magnetic upright exercise bike by sunny health and fitness a cushioned seat provides support and comfort non-skid foot pedal help anchor your feet throughout your workout experience eight levels of responsive adjustable magnetic resistance keep track of your exercise progress with the […]

Understanding Your Power Meter Data (Cycling Tips)

hey guys Vegan cyclist, I want to talk about understanding your data from your power meter I’ve had a lot of questions about this people asking me my experience with this but so we’ll break it down into three different topics one how to set up your data on your garmin properly so that you’re […]

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Premium Indoor Cycling Bike

exercise on your schedule with premium home equipment introducing the sfb 1509 belt drive indoor cycling bike by sunny health and fitness crafted from heavy-duty steel it features a unique sleek design a chrome flywheel delivers momentum and stability the belt drive transmission offers a smooth quiet ride a tension knob allowed to various resistances […]

Cycling Group Ride Breakdown & Tactics (Cycling Tips)

a vegan cyclist so this is the full group ride power overlay breakdown if you want to watch the full workout the full day of it click that up there because this was i did a lot of workouts before this ride but so basically the total ride with 62 miles three and a half […]

My Everesting on a Bike Fail (A Cycling Story/Documentary)

I’m just hoping like the ride down my knee will get better but it’s it’s like it’s all inflamed and swollen and so then it just it’s like dislocating there i mean i have to do this two more times so don’t think i’m going to complete alright check it out a couple months ago […]

Sunny Health & Fitness P8100 Pink Indoor Cycling Bike

Become better with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pink Indoor Cycling Bank Feel secure as you slide your feet into the adjustable caged pedals and mount the heavy-duty steel frame push yourself to the limit with the bikes easy-to-use tension knob that provides a variety of resistance changes to meet the needs of exercisers at […]

I hate running but I ran on the Peloton Tread

– [Workout Coach] Three, two. (house music) – I have a confession to make. Running has never really been my thing. I never got the so-called runner’s high because when I run, I normally make it, like, two minutes before I have to stop. So, in comes the Peloton, the exercise craze that’s got a […]

RACE DAY – Mountain Bike Race (a cycling race vlog)

ok surely banana smoothie with some Kiwi berries and some chia seeds but so the back up just to say because we’re about to go to mountain bike race I don’t have a mountain bike how that happen well I went to Wilson’s bicycles there in clovis so about an hour actually from me and […]