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Vintage Cycle Restoration Viscount Gran Prix (Road Bike)

OK Welcome to another restoration this is a Viscount 1979 Gran Prix I do not know to much about this bike I do know it was made in England quiet interesting and the company originally was lambert and Viscount that was the 1970s them bikes was quiet expensive this was a later model 1979 so […]

Firstgear Kathmandu ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Jacket

What’s up, guys? This is Chase over here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and this is our product spotlight on the Kathmandu jacket from Firstgear. All right, so the Kathmandu from Firstgear. Now Firstgear has been around a long time. They continue to make really good adventure gear that we love here at Rocky Mountain. So, […]

A.R.C. Battle Born ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Jacket

Hey guys, this is Chase at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and welcome to our product spotlight for the Battle Born jacket from A.R.C. All right guys, so this is the Battle Born jacket from A.R.C. Now A.R.C does an incredible job of making high quality adventure gear at a very friendly budget. Now what you’re gonna […]

Vintage Raleigh Sirocco Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another restoration! This is a Raleigh and I am very excited about this one it is a Raleigh Sirocco I know that because it is written on the top bar but also because its a red flash here and a red flash at the front itself I have […]

Big Bearpark Bike Bash | Cycling

So, we have been on Turbo Bikes and we have been doing cool adventures on bikes with Bike and Burn and we ride really good, but all you have to do is do you best and don’t give up. We decided to hold a cycling event at Bearpark Primary, mainly to get the children involved […]

PUCH Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike, and another restoration One thing that I love doing with these is finding out the history behind the company of these bikes themselves. But before we do that, what i generally always say if you are not a Subscriber to the channel then please click on Subscribe it is […]

Vintage Claud Butler 531 Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another Restoration This is a Claud Butler it dates back some 135 years well the company does so a lot of history there it started off in 1928 when Claud Butler who was worried about using his own name within the brand opened a cycle shop with the […]

Unboxing NEW Dual Sport Bicycle! | 2014 Diamondback Trace Comp

Dylan here with Ultimate Evolution (Ultimate Evolution) and today we’re going to be unboxing and assembling this 2014 Diamondback Trace Comp. Let’s take a look inside the box. Overall, the packaging was definitely not as great as I would have wanted. Everything in there is secured fairly well. My only complaint is the top of […]

Graham Weigh Vintage Road Bike Restoration

Hello Welcome to another bike and another Restoration this is a Graham Weigh some people may recognise it I did put a question out and asking for your help with this one So we are finally here Who are Graham Weigh? well, I will tell you they are based in Deeside in the UK its […]