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Stromkosten E-Bike Akku-Vollladung | Messung by Sophia Transistor

I have driven my electric bike battery completely empty and then I have reloaded it via energy cost meter. And the extremely exciting Question: How much does a full one cost? Battery charge actually? This can be answered in one simple sentence, of course answer. For my battery costs one Full charge under the given […]

Dream Road Bike Build – Custom Raleigh Revenio 4 Team Banana

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration Or in this case its more of a pimp my ride bike build. We are breaking all the rules with this Bike. Why? Because on this channel we are generally about Vintage Retro Road Bikes But we are going to be giving this Carbon Raleigh Bike […]

The New Team Story: Cycling team Gazprom-RusVelo

In cycling sport the team is fundamental it’s like a second family Cycling is passion sacrifice, discipline to me Extreme descents, supreme speed Cycling to me is the meaning of life Cycling is important to me, it has taught me a lot and has given me a lot in life. That is another way of […]

Stealing My Bicycle

To the guy who suggested to cut the bike chain by buying a five ringgit hacksaw blade… here it is. It’s five ringgits. I got it from Ace. 10″ Carbon Hacksaw Blades If it doesn’t work I’m gonna call it quits but I brought- Syarrul! This is Syarrul. This is my assistant. he’s going to […]

Willys Jeep mudding

No it’s not an invasion, we are not being conquered, but we just have guests today. I just wanted to say our forest is being conquered. Lots of guests. To prove that the old stuff still works. That was a bridge to far. Yes Wet feet.. Equipment enough I’d say. But no one wants to […]

Freeride Willingen stabilized – walimex waver gimbal

well let’s see how this thingy works next sekto… …..section next time l have to go with a lower entry speed I thought there was traffic hm lost my speed but better than crashing into a potential slower front runner you may have noticed that I like manuals