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Shredding In the Southern Hemisphere | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 154

– Nino Schurter tells us all about his favorite bike, Chile becomes the center of the mountain bike world, and Blake Samson wins DarkFEST! (record scratching) – Did he? – No, he didn’t, but let’s do it anyway, it’s the Dirt Shed Show! Yeah, So, I’m very happy to be joined by the one and […]

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail? | The Megavalanche Edition

(rock music) (crowd chatter) – That is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. Welcome back, you beautiful people. Welcome to the Megavalanche with a hardtail. I feel like crying. I feel like crying so bad. Cut, enjoy the video, enjoy. (upbeat electronic music) (yelling) (laughs) What the hell? Deaks, this is scary. (laughing) […]

Jordan CrashMaster 2019 – MTB CRASHES and WIPEOUTS!

happy new year everyone it’s now 2020 I hope you guys are looking forward to this year as much as I am! Now when I look back at 2019 it’s actually been a really great year for me first of all I was able to demo the Diamondback carbon sync’r hardtail throughout the whole winter […]

RIDING MY OLD 26″ WILSON AT WHISTLER! | Jordan Boostmaster

oh yeah all right boost bros today we’re taking the Wilson out to Whistler it’s one of the last days that it’s open you guys haven’t forgot about the 26 inch Wilson have you? the last time we took it out was in May when we went to mount Prevost and I scratched the stanchion […]

Bike Check:2017 Specialized Pitch Sport

Hey YouTube, it’s Alex, and I just want to do a quick little bike check on my Specialized picks for 2017 650b so Let’s start here on the back rim so This tire on the rim is the continental trail cane that’s what I have on both tires or on both rims and then Hydraulic […]