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How To Bunny Hop An E Mountain Bike | Essential E MTB Skills

– Moving on from the How To Manual video that went out recently, this is how to bunny hop an ebike and why it’s such an essential skill. (upbeat music) It’s important that you nail the manual first, ’cause that’ll make it much easier to do a bunny hop. And this, again, is all about […]

Electric Bike. Sierra foothills.

I went up to the foothills of the Sierras this week to test my bike in the colder weather conditions I visited a friend of mine in visalia town in the Central Valley about 40 minutes from the base of the Sierras we covered roughly 30 miles under different conditions and elevations we test the […]

Sähköpyöräilijä tulee jutulle [Lyhyitä Klippejä #9]

I had to come and see what that is What? how many kw does that thing have? 15kw it’s quite fast 15kw really? Yeah More power the better is that a stealth bomber? No, this is more powerful than that this has a bigger frame and a bigger battery etc just remember to not get […]

The eBike Cycle Tourists

Basically when I met Garry, or married Garry 6 years ago, he said “Stick with me baby and we’ll go places”, and that’s all we’ve ever done is moved and travelled and had a very exciting time. Up to today we’ve cycled 24,350 km Just about spot on 75 km a day 13 countries Collectively […]

Electric Bike tips. RIDING IN TRAFFIC, when you can ride as fast as a car!

no matter where you live if you travel by bike you’ll be facing with any number of traffic situations urban suburban or rural and they all have their own challenges because of advancements in battery and motor technology ebike speeds and range are getting faster and longer the Tesla has a range of a hundred […]

E Bike Tuning: Bosch CX der Alpha Motor – RedPed Chip

Dear e-bike tuners, I want to share my experiences with the Bosch CX motor. What makes it special: Even with extremeley high pedal frequency, you still have torque, so there is no limit, so to speak. No matter how fast I pedalled, I could not get it to stop its assistance. With the Steps E8000, […]