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Bullet Racing

– Hello, I’m Gav. – I’m Dan. Welcome to “The Super Slow Show.” Dan, I’ve seen people race, horses, cars. Never seen bullets race. Not really a spectator sport, though, is it, to be honest? – Not for humans, anyway. – No, but in actual fact, there’s a huge difference between different projectiles that come […]

New Dolls 2019 | #Snapstar dolls, Green Screen | Toy Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today we’re reviewing this #snapstar guys I’m so excited o open it and a big thank you to Yulu for sending me this big box thanks Yulu we have this beautiful bag guys, I’m so excited to open it let’s see what’s in it guys there’s a cool […]


Now a day’s everyone has a busy lifestyle Nobody has the time to add a new activity to their daily routine except unwanted excuses Now the question is how to modify our daily routine So watch this video till the end & I will tell u how to introduce cycling in your busy lifestyle coming […]

Spin For Your Life

– I’m fine with boxing classes, yoga, but, I’d rather just lift though, man. I mean, I’ve never taken a spin class before. (Hailey)Hey guys! You here to take my class? You’re gonna love it. – Yeah? You gonna run us too hard? – (laughs) No, it’ll be good! I’ll see y’all in there. – […]

20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter

20 Mountainbike tricks to survive the winter Yo! I hope you guys enjoyed this little video if so, give a thumbs up or leave a comment take your bike, go out and have some fun until next time! see you guys