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How I commute by e-bike EVERY DAY! (*10000km DIY e-bike update)

Hi, I’m Ben and 600 days ago, I took my inaugural ride on my E-bike. At the time, I didn’t realize that it would be such a big part of my life – …wait that sounds weird. What I mean to say is that it reignited my love of cycling and made it possible for […]

Technical XC on the North Shore: Griffen || Mount Fromme, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone, I’m back for another trail on Mount Fromme named Griffen. It is actually three separate trails upper, middle and lower but might as well be one as they all seamlessly connect. If you’ve been following my Fromme series so far you would have seen me hit Leppard, then Crinkum-Crankum and finally Kirkford, and […]

The Fastest eBike for $3600 / Best DIY Electric Bike Available

Society has now developed where DIY people can build software and hardware masterpieces for the cost of parts this is my fourth model and in my opinion this is the best hub motor ebike money can buy base price of this model is three thousand six hundred and I paid a little bit extra now […]

2018 Specialized Sirrus | Range Review | Tredz Bikes

So this is the Specialized Sirrus, an urban hybrid bike that combines the speed and efficiency of a road bike with a nimble handling of flat handlebar. So there’s an extensive range of men’s and women’s specific models, available at a wide range of price points. There are three different frame options with the Sirrus. […]

GMBN’s Travel Guide To Santiago, Chile | A Mountain Bike Scene Check

– [Neil] South America, Chile, and its capital, Santiago, a city of seven million people, surrounded by mountains. But what’s it like to ride mountain bikes here? (lively horn music) You don’t need mountains to ride mountain bikes but it helps, and Santiago has these in abundance. It lies at around 500 meters above sea […]

How to fit pedals to your bike

How to attach the pedals to your new bike. Start with drive side pedal which goes under your right foot. It will have a sticker or be marked with an R, and screws clockwise into the crank arm. Using your fingers, roll the pedal thread anti-clockwise until you feel it click into place, then wind […]

How To Perform A Basic Bike Fit

– [Simon] Getting your bike well set up to your body can make the difference between riding in comfort and riding in pain. And for those of us chasing performance, it can be the cornerstone to reaching your full potential. Now, it is a complex topic, more art than science perhaps but here is our […]

How to use TFL London Cycle Hire – Santander Cycles

Dotted all over London are these cycle hire stations and if you know what you’re doing it’s a really beautiful way to see the city It’s very easy! £2 for 24 hours as long as you bring it back within half an hour There are 700 docking stations and 10 000 bikes and I can […]

Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back to Squamish, BC. A few weeks ago I rode Hood in the Woods and at the end turned right onto an access road. Had I continued on I would have connected up with today’s trail named Poop Alley. Thankfully there was no poop on the trail when I rode it. […]