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Track Day Circuit Academia Titi Aur & FunRide

Track Day ATA Calea Victoriei – Bucuresti. Palatul Cantacuzino Casa Memoriala Geroge Enescu Bd. Libertatii – Casa Poporului Academia Titi Aur – Dambovita S1000RR & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

1200 Horsepower Nissan GTR: Time Attack + Hillclimb Monster

(engine rumbles) (engine revs) (engine rumbles) (upbeat electronic music) – Oh yes, I’m back. It’s Nads for another episode of Build Biology. The only thing I love more or equally as much as a good Honda, is a good time attack car, and my boy Cole Powelson. How are you sir? I’m gonna give you […]