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Zwift Group Workout: HIIT Intervals | Train With GCN

– Welcome to the GCN Zwift Group Workout, Race-Winning HIIT Interval Session. I’m gonna be completing this on an Elite Drivo smart trainer. It’s about an hour long. Starts off with a 10-minute warm-up. And in a few moment’s time, I’ll talk you through exactly what is gonna lie ahead. And all this is gonna […]

E-Bike Trail Etiquette | Responsible Trail Use As An E-Biker

– There’s nothing better than ripping along some single track or charging through some downhill, but to make it an enjoyable experience for everybody there’s a few things to remember while you’re in the zone. Some might call it trail etiquette but it’s just good manners, right? – I think it’s all about being a […]

GMBN’s Guide To Mountain Biking New Years Resolutions!

– I’ve got a question for you. If not this year, when? Now, it’s a simple question, but if you answer it honestly, with no excuses, it can frame the rest of this year and make it incredible. So, let’s take a look at some ideas and if you take any of them on, it […]

Weathering The Storm | GMBN’s Trail Ride With EMBN

– So I was intrigued to see what the E-bike was like on a descent and an ascent. So Steve Jones and I from our sister channel, EMBN, did Afan bike park to see what E-bike was all about. With the weather closing in and storm Gertrude upon us, we started to ascend Afan’s White’s […]