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The Closest Tour de France In Decades? | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show. Coming up this week, we analyse an enthralling 2nd week of the Tour de France which has left us no clearer as to who the final winner will be in Paris. We’ve also got La Course by Le Tour de France, and some potentially big news for women’s […]

The Weirdest Rules Of The Tour de France | GCN Show Ep. 340

– Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we’ve got a jam packed show including weird and wonderful rules of the Tour de France, weird and not wonderful hotels of the Tour de France, and the finalist for our Orbea Orca Aero giveaway. – Plus, the truth about what […]

How Do Tour de France Cyclists Climb So Fast?

– Have you ever sat at home watching the Tour de France, and gone how on Earth do those riders climb so fast? – I have, certainly. Luckily we also have a little experience to share with you. – Ooh, yes we do. (relaxed electronic music) – If you want to climb like a Tour […]

The Coolest Things To See At The Tour de France 2019 Grand Depart

– As GCN presenters, we are enormously privileged in that we get to visit some of the biggest and the best cycling events in the world. And they don’t get much bigger than the Tour de France. I’m here in Brussels ready for the Grand Depart 2019 and I wanted to show you some of […]

The Best New & Custom Tech Of The Tour de France 2019

– As I record this, we are on the eve of the Tour de France which is of course the biggest bike race in the world. And as such, for the last few days, myself and Oli have been going geering the teams in search of the best, the newest and the most custom tech. […]

Making Oregon Count 2020 – Welcome & Opening Remarks

I’m really excited to be here today to kick up such a historic event that making Oregon count 2020 symposium thank you and I wanted to take a quick moment thank the publication Research Center and the incredible team led by director Jason Jurevich for putting together such an amazing event for all of us […]

Electric Bike Proyect (MAGLEV principle)

First we mounted the neodymium permanet magnets we catch the magnet´s position using an optocoupler the optocoupler commands de electric signal for the electromagnet (the green one) I still filming? we mounted the system in a real bike the light activate the optocoupler there you go can you count the rounds?

eROCKIT – The electric motorcycle which makes our world better!

We produce eROCKIT! The motorcycle of the future… and the first pedal powered e- motorcycle on the globe. Key fact is the intuitive Pedal engine, functioning as a bicycle, fast as a sports car. Just imagine… …you get on a bike which you never saw before. After 60 seconds you understand how it is working! […]

MIT Media lab shows off urban, electric vehicles

At the opening of its new Media Lab, MIT showed off green urban transportation work. The different vehicles are known as the Smart Cities project. One such vehicle is the CityCar, a compact vehicle that can carry two passengers. Four of the electric vehicles can fit in a parking space that would normally accommodate only […]