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Ultrasonic Cleaning: How To Get A Super Clean Bike Chain & Cassette

Speaker: Cassettes and chains can get really dirty. Then everyone loves riding a clean bike. They look nicer, they’re faster, and the drivetrain is more efficient, and regular cleaning will make your components last longer. But cleaning takes time and effort, and it can be really difficult to get every last bit of dirt out […]

Best Way To Wash Cycling Kit Correctly? | GCN Tech Clinic

– Welcome back to another episode of the GCN Tech Clinic, where I try and answer and solve your tech related problems. So if you’ve got one, make sure you leave it for me down there in the comments section below, or alternatively on all forms of social media, using the #AskGCNTech. Now with no […]

Worst Bicycle Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid! | GCN Tech’s Top 5

– Maintenance mistakes, now I’m pretty sure that most of us have made one or two along the journey of our cycling path, but here are five that you definitely need to avoid. (chill instrumental music) A worn out rear tire, just swap it over with the front, it’ll be alright. No, do not do […]

How To Stop Your Bottom Bracket From Creaking

– The dreaded creak or click, now, for those of you who watch the GCN Tech Clinic, I’m sure it’s all of you, right? You all know just how much I despise those sounds. Now, personally, I’ve never fallen victim to one from a bottom bracket, but I do know that plenty of you have, […]

10 Pro Bike Setup Hacks | How To Make Your Bike More Pro

(logo swooshing) – A couple of weeks ago I got to give you a close look at my presenter bike. And in the time that I’ve owned the bike, I’ve made quite a few subtle changes to it so that it really suits me and my riding style. If you’ve ever wondered what pro setup […]

Why Your Road Bikes Gears Are Skipping | GCN Tech Clinic

(exciting music) – Welcome back to another episode of the GCN TECH Clinic, where I try and help and solve your bike related problems with years worth of knowledge that I’ve somehow managed to keep inside of my brain. Right, with no further ado then, let’s crack on. Actually, no, first up, if you got […]

Creak Or Click? Six Ways To Fix Your Noisy Bike

[High Intensity Music] – Picture it; you’re riding along, enjoying the sunshine, taking in the views. And all of a sudden, what’s that you can hear? It’s a creak, it’s a click. Basically, as soon as that noise comes, it’s likely to annoy you and anyone else who you’re riding along with. So today, let’s […]

What Does Degreaser Do? | A MTB Experiment

– What does de-greaser do? And is it effective? And if we could see, what would that process look like? Well I think it is time for one of my famously underwhelming experiments. (logo stinging) Here on the channel, we’re very fortunate to be supported by Muc-Off, however these comparisons are valid irrespective of the […]

How To Replace Clip In Pedal Cleats And Set Up New Cycling Shoes

– Cycling shoes and cleats. The chances are, if you ride a bike, at some point you’re going to need to replace one or the other. If it’s your cleats you’re replacing on a current pair of shoes, that’s really easy. You simply draw around the cleat on the shoe and attach the new cleat […]