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Ted Talks Fat Biking | How To Cycle In The Snow

[music] Jeremy: In an effort to convince you that riding in cold, snowy, generally unrideable cycling conditions, I knew I was going to need to pull out all the stops. So I was thinking of a guy that has raced at the pro tour level, that led out some of the biggest riders in the […]

Get More From Your Gravel Bike | Upgrades For Your Ride

– We’ve covered how to choose your gravel bike. We’ve even covered some of the trickier choices, like should you run one-by or two-by? But what about upgrading your bike? In the last of this series, with Shimano’s GRX groupset we’re going to be looking at doing exactly that. Oh, and if you’re a traditionalist, […]

6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders

(drums) (relaxing lounge music) – [Narrator] Earlier this year, we brought you five boutique bike brands. Small, independent manufacturers making incredible bikes that we thought you should know about. We got hundreds of comments under that video telling us about countless other brands we should also check out. So here are six more boutique brands […]

LA Sucks For Cycling | America’s Hidden Bike Riding Paradise

– The thing I hear a lot is LA sucks for riding, but the truth is, is that after digging in quite a bit, I found out that LA might not actually stink for riding that much, because Saxo Bank, currently Geraint Thomas, we’ve even heard Peter Sagan, back in the day, Lance Armstrong, have […]

Does It Matter Where Your Bike Is Made? | The GCN Tech Show Ep.18

– Hello and welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’ve got safer bikes, faster bikes, and another new gravel bike. – Oh yes! We’re also asking whether it really matters where your bike was made and who made it. (upbeat music) – Alright now mate, what’s hot in tech this week? – […]

Kerry Werner’s Kona Super Jake Cyclocross Race Bike | CX Pro Bike

– All right, so I’m here with the 2019 Pan-American champion, Kerry Werner. Kerry, you have your Kona Super Jake. Tell us about this bike and what makes it special. – Yeah so, uh, really it’s just like the full package. Everything on this bike kind of like goes together and makes me feel super […]

1x Vs 2x Groupsets: Which Is Best For Your Gravel Bike?

(gentle music) – If you’re buying a gravel wire one choice you’re likely to be faced with is whether or not you go, for a double chain ring or a single chain ring option. Either two by or one by. Now given that Shimano have just launched their first ever one by drop bar specific […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Do-It-All Bike? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 7

– Welcome to the GCN Tech show. (techno whooshes) – Coming up, we’ve got a new bike from Colnago. We’ve got hydraulic drive train, some new tech from Dubai and also, feedback on our frame flex video. – Yeah, plus we discuss, can one bike do it all? (upbeat techno music) (techno whooshes) So, what’s […]