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6ku Urban Track Bike (The good and bad)

6ku urban track bike. 55cm Got it from the 6ku website for $250 Lightweight Ride fast. I ride it pretty much everyday ever since like January 10th. That’s when I first got it It’s Good I recommend it. The brakes weak This part right here you got to keep it lubricated or it’s gonna be […]

Ryan Mullen’s Trek Madone Race Shop Limited Pro Bike

(surround sound drums and metallic slicing sound) – I’m here with the bike of Ryan Mullen of Team Trek-Segafredo. And Mullen, he’s the current Irish National Road Race and Time Trial Champion, as well as being a Silver Medalist in the Under-23 World Championships, a few years ago. This is his Trek Madome, let’s take […]

Scotty Laughland’s Canyon Strive CF 9.0 Race | GMBN Pro Bikes

– Welcome to my pro-bike check. Now if you watch any GMBN videos you will probably have seen me shredding on this machine ’cause it’s one sick bike, and before I talk too much I’m going to get straight into the spec and show you guys around. (electronic music) To kick things off I’m gonna […]

Exploring Bergen on Two Wheels

This week, we arrived in Bergen. And not only that! Also, our new Bicycles arrived! So, let us take these things to explore the city. Oh, to far, to far, to far, to far Thank you Smart Coasting for supporting us by giving us the bikes. If you want to know more about them, check […]

Guf Buys A SE DRAFT Single Speed Bike

(Music) What’s up, Matt Guff for the House Snowboard Shop. I’m here at the bike department. I just had my SE Draft bike built from the frame up. Our bike technician Dan built it. We got to sit here; we got to watch. It was awesome. I’m excited to get out there and give it […]