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Pro Cycling Training Secrets With Elia Viviani

– I’m out here in Italy and I’m wildly excited, not just because the sun is shining and it’s warm, I’m not wearing a single thermal layer, but I’ve been invited to come out and ride with Elia Viviani at the Montichiari velodrome. And I’m pretty excited, ’cause it’s been a while since I was […]

Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Elis Ligtlee, Dutch track cyclist. Such a strong rider. Elis Ligtlee is going to take the gold medal for the Netherlands. She can’t believe it, an Olympic gold medal. The most beautiful time in my life. Naomi Sedney, Dutch track sprinter. It’s going to be a race here. Passionate, disciplined, kind. The ultimate […]

Gold Plated Raleigh Road Bike Special Centenary Edition

Hello and welcome to another Bikes in focus this is where we get to look at some extra special vintage road bikes I have got one just over there a very special limited edition so lets go and have a look This is an Extra Special Raleigh Centenary Bike Built in 1987 and built to […]

The Secret Food Behind Colombia’s Cycling Success | Feed The Flame

This is total cycling paradise. It’s so cool! Colombia’s known for many things. The beautiful mountainous landscape, the warm and welcoming people, the dedicated world-class athletes and the food. But there are two native foods in particular that are consumed by athletes, farmers and people everywhere. Guava is a flavourful and ubiquitous super fruit, and […]

When Cyclists Do Press Ups… | The GCN Show Ep. 318

– From the South African national champs, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, pro cyclists do pushups and according to the experts, they’re not doing them properly. – Up, up, up, squeeze. – They’re not, but they are doing them better than […]