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Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

– For today’s video I thought I’d have a go at a bit of up-cycling. Now I’m quite into my bike art, there’s a lot of stuff behind me on the wall, there’s Jeff Wall prints, there’s an old disc drive clock up there. As you can see there’s just general stuff hanging around, there’s […]

Randomized Hill Climbing Quiz – Georgia Tech – Machine Learning

I think we can kind of get at some of these issues with a randomized hillclimbing quiz. So what was, kind of what is the advantage of, of doing hillclimbing and, and what does it lead to in terms of being able to find the maximum. So, so here, [LAUGH] yeah, Charles, this is going […]

Sport Bike Slip-On Exhaust Installation : Sport Bike Exhaust Removal

Okay in this next section we’re going to go ahead and remove our tail pipe so let?s go ahead and get started on that. We’re going to remove our bottom bolts and then we’re going to remove our U bracket and take off the whole pipe, the exhaust and the lower pipe. Okay so first […]

Saturday Mountain Bike Skills Sessions – The Cycling Co.

Hi everybody! Adam Walker from the cyclingco.com here with you at Bear Mountain Bike Park. We’re gonna talk to you today about our Saturday Skills Sessions, which are starting in just a couple of short weeks here starting in January 21st running all the way through and still february the 25th. It’s going to be […]