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GO PRO – Awesome Mountain Biking Kids @ Fernie Alpine Resort BC !!!

She’s smiling…. for now… Kona Stinky 24 Full Suspension ooooohhhhh yyyyeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!! … now officially baptized into the “Over The Bars Club” …. lost a shoe??? “Im going to KILL you Dad”!! …swim… swim….. fries apparently heal wounds…. Torn rotator cuff # 1…. Awesome riding Vannah!!!

Cycling adventures: mountain bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator here at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to another of my cycling adventures. Today I’m going to be taking a hardtail mountain bike on a ride on one of my favourite trails at Tathra on the far south coast of New South Wales. Getting out of town […]

Cycling adventures: step-through city bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to my cycling adventures. I’m heading to Melbourne where I’ll be spending the afternoon riding the public bike share network. Like hundreds of cities around the world, Melbourne has introduced a bike share system which allows people to rent bikes in […]

Top 5 Mountain Bike POV Camera Angles

– This is my top five POV angles to master. But stay tuned ’til the end, ’cause there might be a little shred edit with all of these cool angles. (laughter) (energetic music) Right, everyone loves to film themselves shredding their local trail, or shredding a trail with their buddies and capturing the whole day. […]

GoPro: HERO5 Session Quick Start – Mounting

mounting your camera lets you get lots of amazing perspectives that you might never get if you were just holding the camera in your hand you can mount your GoPro on a helmet a car a bike yourself with hero 5 sessions small size and lightweight the mounting options are limited only by your imagination […]

GMBN Epic Rides: The Fort William Red Giant

– We’re at Nevis Range in Fort William, well-known for its World Cup downhill track over there. But today we’re gonna ride something else. This is the Red Route. – [Blake] Yeah, it’s Gondola accessed you don’t even have to pedal up. It’s 5.5 kilometres of trail, and it’s 643 metres of just down-hilling. – […]

I Got An Electric Bicycle!! E-Bike Time!!!

what’s going on everybody coming to you from the Capitol State Forest here in Washington State and I have something big and awesome and fun to share with you finally on a bright sunny day that’s why I came out here I can’t wait to show you my eat bag let’s go check it out […]

A Folding Full-Size Mountain Bike? Yes, Please!

welcome back guys from Maine the temperatures in the next five days doesn’t even reach 80 degrees so blue skies and finally comfortable weather for me by the way it’s actually even a little more pronounced as far as I know Arby’s in Portland than I let on to and maybe I was a little […]

How To Set Up An Action Camera For Mountain Biking

– It’s easier than ever to get amazing riding footage to remind you of good times. Action cameras are really good, they’re cheap but the key to getting great footage is where you place the cameras. – There’s two great options: there’s one on your helmet and there’s one on your chest. So let’s go […]

GoPro Awards: Rex the BMX Kid

We are here jumping the dirt jumps. There, that’s my best friend Jack. Show your face. Hi. There’s Jack, here’s me. I know it’s funny. And we are about to do…to do a cool run. Here we go, just a little conversation. Ooh, this is gonna be smooth! Weehaah! Aw, shoot, I messed up. Doesn’t […]